Mater Dei Boys Basketball Christmas Tournament Schedule


CLICK HERE for the Mater Dei Holiday Tournament Schedule. 

12/31/2018 3:59 PM

Civic Memorial Girls Basketball Shoot-Out Schedule

CLICK HERE for the schedule for the Civic Memorial Girls Basketball Shoot-Out. 

12/15/2018 10:00 PM

Paws Girls Basketball Shoot-Out

CLICK HERE for the PAWS Girls Basketball Shoot-Out schedule sponsored by Jansen Chevrolet. 

1/5/2019 9:00 PM

Cougars Update

Event Details

  • October 13th, 2018

  • 10:00 AM

  • Cross Country

  • Combined

  • Coed

  • Game

  • Away

  • Conference (New Athens)

  • New Athens High School

  • 8:00 AM

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Game Summary