5/6th Saunemin Tournament Postponed today

Hawks Fans...The 5/6th Grade Boys Basketball Saunemin Tournament has been postponned for today.  NO games will be played today.  As soon as we have more information for the rescheudled dates and times, we will let everyone know.

1/19/2019 4:30 PM

Week in Sports 1-13 to 1-21

1.  VB game on Tuesday, will have more information on Monday...Location and Time are to be announced at this time due to some scheduleing issures on both schools ends

2.  Saunemin 5/6th Grade Tournament dates will be determined by the outcome of Monday nights game...will keep everyone posted with scheudle changes if needed.

3.  8th Grade Night for Boys Basketball is Tuesday Night vs. St. John's Buckley

4.  IESA 7A Regionals will be played at Crescnet City. First Round games are Satruday 19th, second round games are the 22nd, with the championship game on the 23rd...Crescent City plays the winner of game 2 on Tuesday, January 22nd at 7 pm.

Monday, January 14th:

Girls Volleyball:  Game vs. Donovan @ Donovan, Bus: 3:30 pm

    4:30 pm: 5/6th Grade Scrimmage

    5:30 pm: 7th Grade Game

    6:15 pm: 8th Grade Game

Boys Basketball:  5/6th Grade game vs. Corpus Christi 5th @ Saunemin Tournament, 6 pm

Boys Basketball:  7/8th Grade Practice @ C-I High School, 4-5:30 pm


Tuesday, January 15th

Girls Volleyball: Game vs. St. George Bourbonnais, TBD...More information on location and time on Monday

Boys Basketball:  Game vs. St. John's Buckley @ C-I High School, 6 pm...8th Grade Night


Wednesday, January 16th

Girls Volleyball:  Practice 3:45-5:30 pm @ C-I High School

Boys Basketball:  Practice 4-5:30 pm @ CCGS


Thursday, January 17th

Girls Volleyball: Game vs. Tri-Point @ C-I High School

    5:00 pm: 5/6th Grade Scrimmage Game

    5:30 pm: 7th Grade Game

    6:15 pm: 8th Grade Game

Boys Basketball: Game vs. Cissna Park @ Cissna Park, 5:30 pm, Bus: 4:30 (CCGS), 4:45 pm (STP)


Friday, January 18th

Girls Volleyball: Practice 3:45-5:30 pm @ CCGS

Boys Basketball: Practice 4-5:30 pm @ C-I High School

Boys Basketball:  5/6th Grade @ Saunemin Tournament 6 pm; Bus; 4:30 pm (ONLY IF LOSS ON MONDAY) 


Saturday, January 19th

Boys Basketball IESA Regional Round One Games @ C-I High School

    9 am:  Tri-Point vs. Rosseville

    10:15 am: Lorenzo Smith vs. Cissna Park

Boys Basketball:  5/6th Grade @ Saunemin Tournament 5:30 pm, Bus: 3:30 pm (CCGS) (ONLY IF WIN ON MONDAY)


Monday, January 21st:

Girls Volleyball:  Game vs. PBL @ Paxton-Buckley-Loda High School, 5:30 pm, Bus 3:45 (CCGS), 4:00 (STP)

Boys Basketball: 5/6th Grade @ Saunemin Tournament 1:45 pm, Bus: 11:00 am (ONLY IF WIN ON SATURDAY)
Boys Basketball:  Practice to be announced


1/21/2019 10:30 PM

Hawks/ Lady Hawks Update

Event Details

  • October 30th, 2018

  • 06:30 PM

  • Basketball

  • 8

  • Girl

  • Game

  • Away

  • Milford

  • Milford

  • 4:40 pm

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