We Are - EAST STRONG!!! Update

Event Details

  • September 16th, 2017

  • 9:00 AM


  • Varsity

  • Boy

  • Game

  • Away

  • Kaneland Invite

  • @Kaneland High School

  • 7:00 AM

  • door 15

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Game Summary





            As I said on Saturday…these times mean very little.  It was already really hot and poor conditions for the first race.  Places were also a little bit off of where we would like to be…but that is our training.  You can start to see us getting stronger.  For a lot of us, our final mile looked better than at Wauconda.  Keep focusing on our daily tasks and run with confidence that you will soon be feeling very fresh.  This coming Saturday should feel a lot better…and in two weeks I expect we will start experiencing huge PR’s.

            It is a very short season…and we are less than a month until the Conference Meet…and those weeks will be filled a lot of recovery and fine tuning.  Even though results are not what we want on September 16…I am confident we will  be very happy with where we are on October 14th.


Miguel Gonzalez – 16:51.2 (39th) – Decent run…still looking flat…we should start seeing a change this coming


Abraham Vega – 16:58.6 (47th) – Another nice looking race…I see a strong time drop coming for you

Edgar Perez – 17:02.7 (53rd) – Really strong race…20 seconds faster than last year here – despite heavy training

and weather

Luis Reynoso – 17:41.1 (82nd) – Better than last week…and you will feel even more ready to go this weekend

Hugo Mosqueda – 17:42.4 (15th) – Nice running out front…you gave up about 5 spots in the last mile – fresher

you will move forward

Sebastian Flores – 17:51.0 (90th) – Strong running through pain to ensure a team score…we will have you healthy

for October

Huitzi Del Real – 18:25.0 (33rd) – Nice run…you are still battling back – soon you will find yourself in the low 17’s

Dario Lopez – 18:26.4 (34th) – Great run with Huitzi…you two are an excellent pair together

Martin Mata – 18:50.7 (44th) – Close that gap on Dario and you and the team will benefit

Daniel Maldonado – 19:08.7 (53rd) – Nearly 3:00 faster than last year – awesome job slamming the door again

Glenn Fowler – 19:25.4 (67th) – Keep efforting…you with Daniel makes you and the team stronger

Jordy Llanos – 20:38.9 (110th) – Nice solid run here – you are the seven man for the F/S team

Alec Aguinaga – 22:19.5 (155th) – Well done – over 1:30 faster than here last year…very well raced

Francisco Avalos – 23:49.5 (185th) – Work in the middle – a bit off where you were last week

Jose Sanchez – 23:54.5 (188th) – Incredible first race – you will see improvement quickly here…awesome job

Omar Garcia – 26:51.7 (220th) – Nearly 2 minutes faster than last week…growth is happening already – well done

Cristian Valdez – 29:22.1 (225th) – Great job in your first race on a bad day…you will learn and improve quickly