We Are - EAST STRONG!!! Update

Event Details

  • September 16th, 2017

  • 9:00 AM


  • Varsity

  • Girl

  • Game

  • Away

  • Kaneland Invite

  • @Kaneland High School

  • 7:00 AM

  • door 15

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Game Summary






            Ladies…this was an excellent meet to learn at.  Everyone was affected by the weather…but I think some of us were affected by the weather before the race began.  A few of us went out too conservatively and took ourselves out of our races by the mile.  Some of us found a comfortable pack and just went through the motions without really pushing in the middle.  Do not let something outside of your control be what determines the outcome of your race…own your opportunity and make the most of it.

            For those of you that are still feeling heavy…do not panic.  We still have four weeks until Conference…and each one is going to get easier.  We will start to feel better every week – and our best times are ahead of us.


Jennifer Lopez – 20:33.2 (35th) – Looking really flat and heavy…which is okay right now…be patient and good

things will be coming

Gaby Juarez – 21:07.5 (48th) – Great pack running with the ladies – this group is our strength

Maritza Navar – 21:09.5 (49th) – Terrible weather – but still an exceptional run…faster than last week, much faster

            than last year

Edith Delgado – 21:12.9 (50th) – Solid run…do not be afraid to go with Jenny

Alondra Cervantez – 22:55.6 (81st) – 1:09 faster than last year on a terrible day – great racing

Sandy Nino – 23:33.3 (41st) – Way to not be intimidated and go out and race here

Yasmine Rodriguez – 23:35.3 (94th) – We need you making smart decisions away from practice…be good to


Yohana Alcala – 23:37.5 (95th) – Well run through a little pain and the heat…you a learning things with every


Citlaly Palmerin – 24:15.7 (57th) – Nice race – do not be afraid to make a move and leave the pack sooner – I think

you left some on the table

Abby Ledezma – 24:20.1 (58th) – Well run – use your experience to help guide this young group

Naomi Gutierrez – 24:20.3 (59th) – Great to have you back – be patient and you will be back where you want to


Nancy Bravo – 25:00.8 (65th) – This looked really off…make sure you everything is alright and you are


Sofia Cuacuas – 25:55.5 (74th) – Great to get you back in a race after your ankle injury a couple weeks ago

America Chavez – 26:08.4 (76th) – Awesome run…I am so happy to have you back – this was excellent

Nayeli Ruiz – 27:41.2 (91st) – Great running…every time you race you learn a little bit

Britani Vazquez – 33.49.0 (119th) – Good consistent race  - well done in the heat