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  1. Attendance & Tardy Policy


PHILOSOPHY: Our goal is to run a program where athletes are expected to make a significant commitment to self-improvement, yet which does allow for some consideration of external obligations.  We strongly believe that success in Cross Country and Track, as in any endeavor, is dependent on consistent effort and commitment to long-term term goals.  Participation in high school athletics is not a right but a privilege; while we support all athletes, regardless of ability level, we feel that to earn the privilege of being on the team, all members must be willing to make an equivalent sacrifice.  While we certainly encourage the development of well-rounded individuals, we also recognize that the value of athletics cannot be truly realized if the athlete is unable to make a full commitment to his sport.  This may require that athletes have to make some difficult choices, but the team will derive strength from the shared sense of sacrifice that all individual members are making.


Please contact both coaches as soon as you are aware of an upcoming absence.  We can also answer questions as to which category an absence may fall under (excused, provisional, or unexcused).

Excused Absence

1.  Illness

2.  Family Emergency-with paperwork

3.  Observance of Religious Holiday

4.  Meeting with a teacher for academic reasons (however, athlete is to report directly to practice after the meeting, with a pass from the teacher).


Provisional Absence

1.  SAT/ACT test prep courses

2.  Drivers Education course

3.  Vacations (freshman only)

4.  Family celebrations (weddings, bar mitzvahs, anniversary parties, etc.)

5.  Orthodontist/Dental/Doctor appointments (please try to schedule around practice)

6.  College Visits (note: students missing Friday & Saturday will be charged 2 absences)

7.  Leaving practice early for another commitment


Unexcused Absence

1.  Oversleeping/Babysitting

2.  Haircut appointments

3.  Birthday parties

4.  Concerts or professional/college sporting events

5.  Extended Homecoming Weekend

6.  Vacation (soph-senior)

7.  Job or volunteering

8.  Staying home to do homework/working on a group project (should be scheduled around practice)

9.  Practice for any other sport


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