Registration for 2017-2018 Athletics

For information on signing up for any sport at Grant Community High School, scroll down on the athletic web-sites main page, go to the left to RESOURCES.  The ATHLETIC PACKET is all the paperwork needed to tryout and participate.

8/10/2017 5:14 PM


Grant Community High School Administration and Athletic Staff


Dr. Christine A. Sefcik

Business Manager

Beth A. Reich


Jeremy N. Schmidt

Athletic Director

Tom Ross

Assistant Athletic/Activities Director

Casey Duval

Athletic Secretary

Camille Fiordirosa

Athletic Trainer

Mark Robson

Caitlin Phillips

Head of Building and Grounds

Curt Sheets

Fall Sports Coaching Staff

Boys' and Girls' Cross Country

Head Coach:  Jeff Durlak
Assistant:  Mike Kennedy, Nick Nenni and Jeff Harvey

Boys' Golf


Head Coach:  John Eiduke
JV Coach:  Matt Lukemeyer

            Girls' Golf            
Head Coach:  AJ Havenga
JV Coach:  Corey Hutchenson

Boys' Soccer

Head Coach:  Bryan Mark

Assistant:  Andy Flaker
JV Coach:  Chris Carlson
Freshman:  Ben Burnet


Head Coach:  Chris Robinson
Assistants:  Marck Barczak, Tom Evans, Joshua Christian, Chris VanAlstine

JV Coaches:  Bob Koval and Jim Brown
Freshman Coaches:  Jim Cramer, Peter Laubenstein, Tony Sheron


Head Coach:  Carrie Joray

Varsity Assistant:  Mandy Peczkowski

JV Coaches: Kathy Dunham and Kori Lichter

Dance Team

Victoria Shifley and Amanda Munsen

Girls' Tennis

Head Coach:  Shea Wintersteen
JV Coach:  Curt Sheets

Girls' Volleyball

Head Coach:  Michele Keenan
JV/Varsity Assistant:  PJ Bregenzer
Sophomore Coach:  Jessica Arias

Freshmen Coaches:  Kyle Kujala

Marching Band

Director:  Ellen Skolar

Flag Team

Rachel Lesiak

Winter Sports Coaching Staff

Boys' Basketball

Head Coach:  Wayne Bosworth
Assistant:  John Eiduke, Lee Oler
Sophomore Coach:  Dan Bryant
Freshman Coach:  Curt Oler, AJ Spohr

Girls' Basketball

Head Varsity Coach:  Kevin Geist
Varsity Assistant: Megan Woit
JV Coach:  TBA
Freshman Coaches: Jim Brown,
Madeline Kerr



Head Coach:  Lenny Grodoski
Assistants:  Ryan Geist,  Walter Alvarenga,  Michael Kouvelis

JV Coach:  Anthony Johnson, Josh Deluca

Freshman Coach:  Jim Cramer

Boys' Bowling

Head Coach:  Tim Viscioni

Assistant Coach:  Steve Brugioni

Girls' Bowling

Head Coach:  Beth Miller
Assistant Coach:  Sheryl Dempsey

Dance Team

Victoria Shifley and Amanda Munsen


Head Coach:  Carrie Joray

Varsity Assistant:  Mandy Peczkowski

JV Coaches: Kathy Dunham, Kori Lichter 

Spring Sports Coaching Staff

Boys' Baseball

Head Varsity Coach:  Dave Behm
Assistant Coaches:  Bryan Talbot, Fritz Kazlausky
Sophomore Coaches: Mike Werner
Freshman Coaches:  Eric Weinmann, 
Ryan Magnuson

Boys' Tennis

Head Coach:  Curt Sheets
JV Coach:  Max Boton

Boys' Track & Field

Head Coach:  Tom Evans
Assistants:  Jim Cramer, Nick Nenni, Chris Robinson, Dylan Maranto

Girls' Softball

Head Varsity Coach:  Chris VanAlstine
Assistant Coach:  Mike Dolezal
JV Coach:  Jeff Durlak
Freshman Coaches:   AJ Havenga, Jessica Dart

Girls' Soccer

Head Coach:  TBA

Assistant:  TBA
JV Coach:  Bryan Mark
Freshman Coach:  Ben Burnet

Girls' Track & Field


Head Coach:  Greg Wodzien
Assistants:  Kurt Rous, Megan Woit

        Boys' Volleyball

Head Coach:  Michele Keenan                   Assistant:  Chris Carlson
JV Coach:  Jessica Arias                        Freshman Coach:  David Astrahan