Fall Try-outs 2018


Football: Coach Charles Miserendinocmiserendino@tbicom.com

         August 6th and 7th 3:00-6:00

Golf: Coach Heading   nasandtrap@comcast.net

        August 6th 11:00 meet at Holy Cross Gym

Volleyball: Coach Devey     tdevey@guerinprep.org

        August 8th 9th  and 10th Holy Cross Gym 4:30-6:30

Soccer: Coach Cianci    rcianci@guerinprep.org

        August 8th 9th and 10th,  3:00-7:00 Front of School on Belmont

        August 11th, 7:30am-10:30am

        August 13th-17th 3:00-7:00

Dance: Coach Ewig   Cewig@guerinprep.org

       August 21 and 23, 5:30-7:30 Smythe Dance Room

Cheerleading: Coach Nissen    Cnissen@guerinprep.org

       August 7 and 9  5:00-7:00 Smythe Gym

After the 1st few days, Coaches will distribute the practice calendar.


Athletes are reminded that you need a current physical on file. Physicals are good for 395 days from your last physical.

The link below is the participation package that must be returned the 1st day of try-outs.





8/18/2018 6:59 PM

Crusaders and Gators Update

Event Details

  • April 24th, 2018

  • 4:30 PM

  • Track and Field

  • Varsity

  • Girl

  • Game

  • Away

  • RB/Ridgewood/Timothy Christian

  • Riverside Brookfield

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