2018-19 Joliet West High School Home Boys Basketball Ticket Information & Procedures

Joliet West will be going CASHLESS at the gate for the following boys basketball games:
12/11-Sophomore (5pm) & Varsity Basketball v Naperville North (6:30PM)
12/14-Freshman A (5pm), Freshman B (6:30pm), Sophomore (5pm) & Varsity (6:30PM) vs Oswego East
1/15- Sophomore (5pm) & Varsity Basketball v Lockport (6:30PM)
1/17- Freshman A (5pm), Freshman B (6:30pm), Sophomore (5pm) & Varsity (6:30PM) vs Oswego
1/29- Freshman A (5pm), Freshman B (6:30pm), Sophomore (5pm) & Varsity (6:30PM) vs Hillcrest
2/1- Freshman A (5pm), Freshman B (6:30pm), Sophomore (5pm) & Varsity (6:30PM) vs Plainfield East
2/5- Freshman A (5pm), Freshman B (6:30pm), Sophomore (5pm) & Varsity (6:30PM) vs Neuqua Valley
2/15- Freshman A (5pm), Freshman B (6:30pm), Sophomore (5pm) & Varsity (6:30PM) vs Minooka

December 20, 2018 Varsity boys basketball v Joliet Central (5:45pm tip-off) will be a pre-sale only event. Electronic tickets will NOT be available at the gate. See below on how to purchase a ticket

All other boys basketball games will not require a ticket to enter, with the exception of the Varsity and Freshman boys basketball Thanksgiving tournaments. The Thanksgiving tournaments tickets can be purchased at the gate via cash or online

How can you purchase a ticket to get into the game?
-All fans can purchase a tickets electronically at https://gofan.co/app/school/IL50184
-Ticket Prices are $5 for adults and $2 for students/children
-Senior Citizens do NOT need to purchase a ticket. Please bring a state ID to the game for entry
-Joliet West students can use their student ID with activity sticker for entry. Any student that does not have an activity sticker must purchase a ticket in the bookstore or electronically.
-Opposing schools can purchase tickets online or through their schools athletic office
-Electronic tickets can be purchased at the gate, but no cash payments will be accepted. There will be staff to assist at the gate to help you purchase an electronic ticket
- JTHS season pass holders will NOT need a ticket. All names associated with the pass must appear on the pass list.

How do electronic tickets work?
Electronic Tickets are sent to your email electronically after purchase. There is no need to print tickets as the tickets can redeemed on the consumers’ cell phone at the entry gate. How to Load Tickets available https://www.huddletickets.com/fansupport NOTE-tickets purchased on-line include a service fee.

If you want to pay cash for a ticket:
Cash payments can be purchased on the following days from 4:00 PM- 6:00 PM in the Joliet West Athletic Office in the Field House
11/9/18                12/6/18                12/7/18                12/10/18              12/13/18              12/17/18
12/19/18             1/10/19                1/11/19                1/16/19                1/24/19                1/25/19
1/30/19                2/4/19                   2/12/19                2/13/19

-Joliet West students without an activity sticker can purchase their ticket in the bookstore beginning on 11/9/18 during normal bookstore hours
-Opposing schools can purchase tickets online or through their schools athletic office and will set up their own times/locations
All spectators must bring a state ID to enter all games

3/8/2019 7:26 PM

BOYS Soccer

2018-2019 Varsity Roster
Jersey Name Position Height Weight Class
0 Sebastian Mireles 5'7" 175 2019
1 Alexander Sauer-Hernandez 5'4" 130 2019
4 Brandon Tinoco 5'9" 140 2020
5 Alexis Tinoco 0'0" 2020
6 Antonio Bedolla 5'8" 142 2020
7 Rodrigo Torres 5'9" 160 2019
8 Alexander Escamilla 5'7" 135 2020
9 Aaron Sanchez 5'7" 150 2020
10 Anthony Pantoja 5'9" 140 2019
11 Oscar J Haro 6'2" 140 2020
12 Jorge Chavez 6'0" 145 2019
13 Diego Escamilla 5'9" 140 2020
14 Ethan Pranckus 5'10" 155 2019
15 Gavin Moore 5'9" 150 2021
16 Brian Sanchez 5'8" 150 2021
17 Mick Enev 6'2" 185 2020
19 Sebastian Vazquez 5'7" 115 2021
21 Tony Kochev 5'6" 136 2022
22 Jose Rodriguez 5'9" 170 2020
23 Alexis Gallegos Ruiz 6'2" 165 2019
25 Jared Sanchez 6'1" 185 2019
Coaching Staff