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Elementary & JH Student Rules for Attending OHS Football Games

Oregon High School invites you to come and cheer the Hawks to victory at home games. However, we will ask that our S.O.A.R. program guidelines be respected along with displaying “Hawk Pride”. Your actions are a direct representation of yourselves, your parents, and your school. Show your “Hawk Pride,” cooperate with these guidelines, and be proud to represent Oregon in a positive manner!

Oregon staff is proud to be present and we will provide you with a fun and safe environment.

For the safety of any student 4th grade or younger, they must be accompanied by a parent or supervising adult to enter the stadium.Additionally, we ask that these students remain seated with their parent or supervising adult during the game.

We are proud to again establish cheering sections by 5th – 6th grade level and 7th – 8th grade level.

                  5th – 6th located closest to the concession stand

                  7th – 8th located closest to the scoreboard.

These areas will be marked with seat signs and banners to make them easier to find.  Students must remain in this area except at halftimes, between games or in case of an emergency.  We will expect students to use the restroom or go to the concession stand only at those times.

  • “Hawk Pride” does not stop when we leave school, and because we have “Hawk Pride”, during the playing of the National Anthem our students know to stand, face the flag with boys removing their hats and be respectful of what the flag represents.  We remind all fans, lack of respect during this time may result in fans being asked to leave the premises.
  • S.O.A.R. !  We are proud that our students have demonstrated respect for other students, adults, and school property during the school day. This same behavior will be encouraged and expected during all school sponsored activities.  When directed by an adult, students will continue to be respectful and follow directives.
  • Students with “Hawk Pride” dispose of trash in the appropriate receptacles.We also now have recycling containers for plastic bottles.Hawks recycle!!
  • There will be no place to use any type of ball, bikes or skateboards so please do not bring them into the stadium.
  • Any students failing to behave appropriately will be required to leave the game and the facility. The student’s parents will be contacted, and appropriate disciplinary actions will be taken.
  • Students who leave the stadium without authorization will not be permitted to return.



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