Boys 2018 Winter Swim Team Tryout Dates

Boys 2018 Swim Tryouts will be November 19th and 20th 2:45-5pm at YMCA

Must be registered in 8to18 and a current sports physical in the athletic office the day BEFORE tryouts.    

11/20/2018 8:00 PM

Girls 2018 Basketball Tryout Dates

Girls 2018 Basketball Tryout dates listed below.  Must be registered in 8to18 and a current sports physical in the athletic office the day BEFORE tryouts.    

VARSITY/JV (will be together):

Monday October 29: 4-630pm

Tuesday: 4-630pm

Wednesday (First Cuts): 530am-630am, 330pm-430pm

Thursday (Final Cuts): 4-630pm



Monday October 29: 230-430pm

Tuesday: 230-430pm

Wednesday (First Cuts): 230-430pm

Thursday (Final Cuts): 230-430pm

10/29/2018 7:00 PM

Boys Bowling Tryout Times

Boys Bowling Tryouts:  Monday and Tuesday, October 22nd and 23rd from 3:30-5PM. 

At Town and Country Lanes

Must be registered in 8to18 and a current sports physical in the athletic office the day BEFORE tryouts.    

10/23/2018 5:00 PM


Plainfield South HS Administration & Athletic Staff




Dr. Lane Abrell


Bob Yanello

Athletic Director

Ken Bublitz

Assistant Athletic Director

Chet Lines 

Athletic Secretary

Margaret Kantor

Athletic Trainer

Brian Beck

Cheerleading Coach

Brooke Twohill - Varsity Head Coach

Emily Durham - Varsity Assistant

   Alyssa Padilla - JV Head Coach

 - JV Asst Coach

Pom and Dance Coach

Natalie Fisher - Varsity Head Coach

Stephanie Germann - Asst Coach

Fall Sports Coaching Staff



Cross Country - Boys

Jason Crowe - Varsity Head Coach

 - Asst Coach

Cross Country - Girls

   Janeen Carlburg- Varsity Head Coach
Matt Gatlin
 - Asst Coach


William Bicker - Varsity Head Coach
Adam Chavez- Varsity Asst Coach
Rob Szduarski - Varsity Asst Coach
Clint Reams - Varsity Asst Coach
Rick Wyskiel - Varsity Asst Coach
Ben Delange - Varisty/Sophmore Asst Coach
  - Sophomore Head Coach
Dan Voss - Sophomore Asst Coach
 - Freshman Head Coach
Nate Rueckemann - Freshman Asst Coach
Nick Ganas - Freshman Asst Coach

Golf - Boys

Tim Boe - Varsity Head Coach

Golf - Girls

Caroline Butler - Varsity Head Coach

Soccer - Boys

 Bryant Williams - Varsity Head Coach
Lauren Solomon - Varsity Asst Coach
Thomas Blake  - Sophomore/JV Coach
Elise Bisek  - Freshman Coach

Swimming - Girls

George Sam - Varsity Head Coach

Tennis - Girls

Kyle Black - Varsity Head Coach
 - JV Coach

Volleyball - Girls

Danielle Bielawski - Varsity Head Coach
Danielle Salvatore - Asst Varsity Coach
Rachael Mayer -  Sophomore Coach
Katrena Keay - Freshman Coach

Winter Sports Coaching Staff



Basketball - Boys

Tim Boe- Varsity Head Coach
Eric Lantero -Asst Varsity Coach
Brian Gibson   - Sophomore Coach
 Jeff McIntrye- Freshman Coach

Basketball - Girls

Lincoln DePaula  - Varsity Head Coach
Larry Lanciotti - Asst Varsity Coach
Tim Tokars - Sophomore Coach
Marvin Grover - Freshman Coach
Ashley Girod - Freshman Coach

Bowling - Boys

  Brian Zettergren - Varsity Head Coach
 Patti Schultz- Asst Coach

Bowling - Girls

Kyle Rohlfs - Varsity Head Coach
 -Asst Coach

Swimming - Boys

 George Sam - Varsity Head Coach


Jason Acevedo - Varsity Head Coach
Corey Carver - Asst Coach
Miguel Silva - Asst Coach
Joe Allen - Asst Coach
Nick Ganas - JV Coach
Ben McIntire - JV Assistant Coach
Terry Fenoglio - JV Assistant Coach

Spring Sports Coaching Staff



Badminton - Girls

Hannah Christie - Varsity Head Coach
 - Asst Coach


 Phil Bodine - Varsity Head Coach
Chet Lines - Varsity Asst Coach
Dan Fezzuglio - Varsity Asst Coach
Tony Folino - Varsity Asst Coach
Nick Herrera - Sophomore Coach
Drew Peterson - Sophomore Coach
Keith Halverson  - Freshman Coach
Dan Voss - Freshman Coach

Soccer - Girls

 Alfonso Lopez- Varsity Head Coach
 Elise Bicek- Varsity Asst Coach 
- JV Coach
 Ashley Sichek
 - JVCoach


  - Varsity Head Coach
   Kristen Preissler- Varsity Asst Coach
  - JV Coach
Emma Forsberg - JV Coach
- Freshman Coach
- Freshman Coach

Tennis - Boys

 Kevin Sadzewicz - Varsity & JV Head Coach
 Kyle Black - Asst Coach

Track & Field - Boys

Jason Crowe - Varsity Head Coach
Marcus Norment - Asst Coach 
Jim Kazmierczak - Asst Coach
Lisa Sharp - Asst Coach

Track & Field - Girls

 Janeen Carlberg- Varsity Head Coach
Tim Wulf  - Asst Coach
Sandy Benson - Asst Coach
Melissa Bayles - Asst Coach

Volleyball - Boys

Taryn Surbaugh -  Varsity Coach
Ashlie Donofrio - Varsity Asst Coach
Danielle Salvatore - Sophomore/JV Coach
 Melanie Pfister- Freshman Coach