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Are you a 12+ student?

How do I become a 12+ student?

Over the course of your 4 year High School career, you must be involved in any of the activities listed. You must have completed the entire season. A minimum of 3 activities per year is required. Please complete a 12+ Student Application and turn it into the Activities Office to verify your activities.

Why become a 12+ student?

Being involved in extra-curricular activities benefits students in the  following ways:

1. Builds character

2. Builds self-esteem

3. Teaches respect

4. Teaches discipline/time management

5. Helps with the development of friendships

6. Teaches how to deal with different issues (winning & losing)

7. Improves academics

8. Improves attendance


Being a 12+ student can also benefit you with college applications and job resumes.

What happens when I become a 12+ student?

You will be recognized at graduation, as well as have your name placed on a banner hanging in the SVHS main gym.

Who can become a 12+ student?

EVERYONE! During your time here at SVHS get involved in as many sports, activities, clubs, and organizations. Once you become a SENIOR, turn in your application reflecting your activities and you will be recognized as a 12+ student.