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  • Faith Reynolds signs with Rock Valley College to play Volleyball and Softball.
  • Kate Majerus signs with Hope College to play Basketball.
  • Ella Carpenter signs with Edgewood College to play volleyball.
  • Joey Beaudoin signs with College of DuPage to play football.
  • Stephen Poorten signs with Marquette University to run Track and Cross Country.
  • Jacki Rapp signs with North park University in Chicago to play Basketball.
  • Zach Carlsen signs with Ellsworth Community College to play baseball.
  • Hannah Flaherty signs with Monmouth College to play soccer.
  • Jenna Lewey signs with NIU to play Soccer.
  • Ella Holland signs with Northern Kentucky to play Soccer.
  • 20th Annual Matt Clark Junior Varsity Champions 2018.
  • 20th Annual Matt Clark Varsity Champions 2018.
  • Allyson Versluys signs with Indiana Tech to play Softball.
  • ACDA Honors Choir 2018 –  Congratulations to Sycamore Middle School students: Kaitlyn Bowman, Cassandra Chamoun, Gabriella Juday, Samuel
McDonald, Ryan Russo, Halle Schmit, Kameron Schroeder, Madelyn Sedevie, and Olivia
  • ACDA Honors Choir 2018 – Congratulations to Sycamore High School students: Rachael Johnson, Alexander Smith, Vani Subramony
  • Sarah Hein signs with Illinois State for swimming.
  • Riley Lohse signs with IUPUI for swimming.
  • Camryn Anderson signs with McKendree University for Swimming.
  • Bobby Cole signs with Gettysburg College to play football.
  • Tanner Lowe signs with St. Louis School of Pharmacy to play soccer.
  • Keegan White, Taylor University, Indiana	Golf, Connor Weckerly,	University of Mississippi, 	Track, Joe O'Brien, Carroll University, WI, Soccer
Emma Stice, University of North Alabama, Soccer, Maizy Larson,	Waubonsee Community College,	Volleyball, Lauren Wisdom,	Wartburg College, Softball, Cali Carl, Benedictine University,	Soccer, Laurynn Mize, Central College, Pella Iowa, Tennis,
Cassie Hunt, Western Illinois,	Volleyball, Alexis Kolberg,	North Central College, Bowling,
Madison Hunt, Kishwaukee College	Volleyball, Jack Mizgalski	UW LaCrosse, Baseball, Philip Maillefer, Cedarville University,	Soccer, James Marcinkowski,	Rock Valley College, Baseball, 
Jason Wittenberg, Rock Valley College,Baseball, Jarod Montavon,	Kishwaukee College, Baseball, Tyler Didio, Kishwaukee College	Baseball, Trever Theis, Aurora University, Baseball, Jack Weaver,	Whitewater, Football,
Henry Fair, Central College, Pella Iowa, Football, Bobby Cole,	Gettersburg, Football, Mya Lee, 	Kishwaukee College, Softball, Lexi Gordon, Kishwaukee College	Softball, Elizabeth Rader, Loras College, Cheer
  • Trever Theis signs with Aurora University to play baseball.
  • Jack Mizgalski signs with UW-La Crosse to play baseball.
  • Madison Hunt signs with Kishwaukee College to play volleyball.
  • Keyshawn Stallworth signs with Kishwaukee College to play basketball.
  • Alexis Kolberg signs with North Central College to bowl.
  • Cassie Hunt, signs with Western Illinois to play Volleyball.
  • Laurynn Mize signs with Central College to play tennis.
  • Lauren Wisdom signing with Wartburg College to play softball.
  • Cali Carl signing with Benedictine University to play soccer.
  • Maizy Larson signing with Waubonsee Community College to play Volleyball.
  • Keegan White signs with Taylor University to play Golf.
  • Emma Stice signs with University of North Alabama to play soccer.
  • Joe O'Brien signs with Carroll University in Wisconsin to play soccer.
  • Conner Weckerly signs with Mississippi University for Track.
  • Izzy Odom, signs with Kishwaukee to play softball.
  • Another successful year for senior athletes continuing their athletic careers in college. Good Luck!
  • Chloe Goff and Lauren Goff Sign with Waubonsie Community College to play Woman's Basketball.
  • Bailey Hunt signing with Wartburg College to play football.
  • Parker Majerus signed with Central College - Pella Iowa to play football
  • Tyler Theis, Signing with Lincoln College to swim.
  • Signing with University of Wisconsin, Whitewater for bowling.
  • Signing with University of Wisconsin, Whitewater for bowling.
  • Baylee Ricker signs with Elmhurst College to bowl.
  • Cristen Nottinham signs with Aurora University to play softball.
  • Kylie Olson signs with Cleveland State to swim.
  • Angelina Ye signs with Brown University to play tennis.