Mission Statement

Timothy’s Mission:

Serving God and His people, Timothy Christian Schools develops academically prepared Christian disciples who embrace Christ’s call to transform the world.

Timothy’s Vision:

Timothy Christian Schools will be distinctly Christian in its community, curriculum, character and convictions.   

  1. We reflect God’s kingdom by serving Christian families from diverse economic and cultural backgrounds and students who possess a wide range of abilities. 
  2. We cooperate with Christian homes and churches in the education and faith development of our students.
  3. We demonstrate love for one another in our work and play.
  4. We challenge students to serve in a global community.
  5. We teach and study in the Reformed Christian tradition which drives us to be Biblically based, culturally engaged, and always reforming.
  6. We nurture creativity and curiosity through meaningful curriculum and effective instruction.
  7. We develop and encourage the gifts and talents of one another to serve Christ and renew His creation.
  8. We seek wisdom that applies knowledge to gain understanding and spiritual discernment.
  9. We prepare students to be articulate defenders and models of the Christian faith in thought, word, and deed.
  10. We inspire all students to be counter-cultural disciples who are beacons of light in the world.