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      Trojan Coaches





Downers Grove North H.S. Administration and Athletic Staff
Position Name
Superintendent Dr. Henry Thiele
Principal Ms. Janice Schwarze
Associate Principal Ms. Sara Courington
Associate Principal Ken Sorensen
Assistant Principal for Student Activities Ms. Kelly Zuerner
Athletic Director Denise Kavanaugh
Assistant Fall Athletic Director Chris McGrath
Assistant Winter Athletic Director Tim McDonald
Assistant Spring Athletic Director Todd Cassens
Athletic Secretary Jolie Fredette
Head Athletic Trainer Jill Ferree
Assistant Trainer Krystal Stawychey
Head Cheerleading Coach Allison Passarelli
Asst. Cheerleading Coaches Ashlyn Erickson
Head Athena (Pom Pon) Coaches Chloe Penny 
Asst. Athena (Pom Pon) Coach Paulina Cresimone
Fall Sports Coaching Staff
Sport Coaches
Boys' Cross Country

Head Coach -John Sipple
Assistant Coach - Jill Blondell
Volunteer Coach - Mike Powers

Volunteer Coach - Eric Buhot

Volunteer Coach - Ethan Wood

Boys' Golf

Head Coach - Anthony Calderone
Assistant Coach - Ted Glazier

Boys' Soccer

Head Coach -  Mike Schmitt
Assistant Varsity - ChrisTomek
Assistant Sophomore - Bob Calder
Freshman Coach - Scott Gollan

Volunteer Coach - Mike Corvo


Head Varsity Coach - John Wander
Assistant Varsity - Chad Isaacson
Assistant Varsity - Bill Kleckner
Assistant Varsity Keith Lichtenberg
Assistant Varsity - Todd Cassens
Assistant Varsity - Max Gilbert
Assistant Varsity - Kurt Lichtenberg
Volunteer Varsity - Gibson Danekas
Sophomore Coach - Chris Guerrieri
Assistant Sophomore - Mike Pacer
Assistant Sophomore - Mike Franzese
Volunteer Sophomore - Pat Galligan
Volunteer Sophomore - Ron Phillips
Freshman Coach -
Brett Littlehale
Assistant Freshman - Pat Fleming
Volunteer Freshman - Dave Edwards

Volunteer Freshman - Broc Montgomery 

Girls' Cross Country

Head Coach - Tim McDonald
Assistant Coach - Matt Maletich

Girls' Golf Head Coach - Jackie McCormick
Assistant Coach - Emily Mollet
Girls' Swimming

Head Coach - Judy Busse
Assistant Coach - Sarah Imhoff
Assistant Coaches - Ashley Weizeorick

Girls' Tennis Head Coach - Dana Graczyk
Sophomore Coach - Cristina Krein
Girls' Volleyball

Head Varsity Coach - Mark Wasik
Assistant  Coach - Meghan Nauss
Sophomore Coach -Maegan Grogan
Freshman Coach - Kathy Smith
Freshman Coach - Erin Doyle

Winter Sports Coaching Staff
Sport Coaches
Boys' Basketball

Head Varsity Coach - Jim Thomas
Assistant Varsity - Jim Haack
Sophomore Coach - Chris Nauss
Freshman Coach - Steve Larsen 
Freshman Coach - John Rush

Boys' Swimming

Head Coach - Adam Bruesch
Assistant Coach - Lavon Robinson 
Diving Coach - Tony Ciezadlo


Head Varsity Coach - Chris McGrath
Assistant Varsity - Brad Janicek
JV Coach - Maxx Lozano
JV Coach - Mike Marola

Freshman Coach - Larry Baca
Volunteer Coach - Gene Marino, Eric Hansen

Girls' Basketball Head Varsity Coach -  Stephan Bolt
Assistant Varsity -Jasen Leathers
Sophomore Coach - Dusan Nedic
Freshmen Coach - Pat Fleming
Freshman Coach - Megan Glibert
Girls' Bowling Head Coach - Mark Weiger
Girls' Gymnastics Head Coach - Linda Reynolds
JV Coach - Sara Farinella
JV Coach -
Amy Shearer
Spring Sports Coaching Staff
Sport Coaches
Boys' Baseball

Head Varsity Coach - Chad Isaacson
Assistant Varsity - Andrew Himes
Sophomore Coach - Kyle Briscoe
Freshman Coach - Chris Nauss
Volunteer Assistant - Ron Phillips
Volunteer Assistant - Ken Pyburn

Volunteer Assistant - Keith Rink

Boys' Gymnastics

Head Coach - Tony Ciezadlo
Sophomore Coach - Bill Hois
Freshmen Coach - Larry Baca

Boys' Tennis Head Coach - Dana Graczyk
Sophomore Coach - Cristina Krein
Boys' Volleyball Head Coach -Mark Wasik
Assistant Varsity - Erin Moore
JV Coach - Maegan Grogan
Freshman Coach - Tom Gilbert
Boys' Track & Field

Head Coach - Eric Buhot
Assistant Coach - John Sipple
Assistant Coach - Bob Ogle
Assistant Coach -
David Dau
Assistant Coach - Pat Fleming
Assistant Coach - Ashley Weizeorick

Girls' Softball

Head Varsity Coach - Eric Landschoot
Assistant Coach - Amy Bugner O'Dell
JV Coaches -  Erin Doyle
Freshman Coach - Jeanette Lawler

Girls' Badminton Head Coach - Anthony Calderone
Assistant Coach - Ted Glazier
Assistant Coach - Kim Jaros
Girls' Soccer

Head Varsity Coach - Brian Papa
Assistant Varsity Coach - Chris Tomek
Assistant Coach - Joel Kapitaniuk
Assistant Coach - Natalie Jenkins

Volunteer Coach - Daniel Forney

Girls' Track & Field

Head Coach - Matt Maletich
Assistant Coach - Thomas Saam
Assistant Coach - Tim McDonald
Assistant Coach - Bob Calder 

Girls Lacrosse

Head Coach - Leea Hruska

JV Coach - Britany Keller & Nicole Carcerano
Boys Lacrosse Coach - Jon Gargiulo



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