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Lacrosse Information

Hello Everyone,
It’s almost that time of the year!  Our lacrosse season is about ready to begin.
The following is VERY important information, so please read ALL the way through this email.
As many of you know, U-46 voted for lacrosse to be part of the IHSA on December 4th.  It’s exciting, but it is also going to be a big change for us!  U-46 is now responsible for running the program just like all of the other school sports.  Registration for all spring sports started in the middle of January.  The most important item for you to complete right now is registering your son or daughter for lacrosse!
To access registration, please go to the BHS Athletic website here:  http://il.8to18.com/bartlett  
Once you are on the BHS Athletic website, go to the Registration tab and it will walk you through the regisration process
A $200 registration fee paid by a check made out to "Bartlett High School" will need to be turned into the BHS Athletic Office before February 26th along with a current physical if one is not file. If your son or daughter decides not to play before the season starts, the $200 registration fee will be refunded back to you.  
No one will be allowed to try out without registering, having a current physical on file, and paying the $200 registration fee.
New players will need a uniform and their own equipment.  Players that are returning will use their uniform from last year.
Uniforms need to be ordered ASAP to be here for the first game starting in the middle of March.  
If your son or daughter is going to need a new uniform please send an email to Kim Emmett: kim.k.emmett@gmail.com with the following information:
       - Student’s name
       - Size of shirt
       - Size of short
       - First and second choice of number
(Sizes come in Small to XL and are pretty true to size)
Here is the information of what we know right now:
  • A varsity coach, Vince Trombetta, has been hired and starts coaching on February 26th
  • Our season begins on February 26th
  • Any player who had a uniform last year will be reusing that uniform and that number
  • Per the district we are able to use all of our own Lacrosse equipment
  • Per the district, any player who has a certified forest green helmet is able to reuse it
  • For the players who don’t have uniforms, their own equipment, or a helmet, you will need to purchase those items
  • Uniforms are purchased through Boosters and equipment is purchased by you.  Helmets must be forest green color and we are recommending that a Cascade brand helmet be purchased.  If you have any equipment questions, please email Jason Dunbar (jason.dunbar@sunmed.com)
  • There will be fundraising opportunities for anyone who is interested
  • All practices will take place at EastView Middle School
  • Per the athletic department, games and tournaments are scheduled for the varsity and JV teams, see current attached schedules for the upcoming season.  They can also be found on the BHS Athletic website.
  • The lacrosse fees will be $400 (due to this being a new sport and new to the district). There may be added costs if other items occur, but we will also be doing fundraising through the Lacrosse Boosters to help with any additional costs.
-  $200 is for registration, which takes care of bus transportation to games and tournaments, field maintenance and coaches.
-  $200 goes to the main BHS Boosters which will pay for officials, trainers and insurance.  This check made out to "BHS Boosters" will need to be turned in to Coach Trombetta once teams are formed.  There will be additional communication on this.
Coach Trombetta and BHS Athletic Director Jeff Bral will be having a mandatory parent/player meeting in the next week to 10 days. Please look for an upcoming email about this.
As we originally said this is exciting news, just a change of the way we have done things in the past.  Again, the most important thing is registration and if you need a uniform, please get us your information immediately.  
If you have any questions, please email us back. We are looking forward to a great Lacrosse season and being part of the IHSA!
Also, the email list we have may not be complete.  If there is someone who is not getting the communications, please send onto them.
Kind Regards,
BHS Lacrosse Boosters
Kim Emmett
Jason Dunbar
Jim Nowak
Erin Simpson


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