Continue to check the website for additional tryout information!!

You must REGISTER for the 2017 Spring Sports Season and you must have a CURRENT SPORTS PHYSICAL on file prior to your tryout. (*remember athletic registration is different than powerschool*).  If you have already registered your athlete for a sport, please do not re-register your athlete.  Have them come to the Athletic Office to inform me of their spring sport.

You can REGISTER at www.bhsathleticsregistration.com.

There is a participation fee of $154 for each sport.  Fees can be paid online in powerschool.  Please do not pay fees for a try out sport - fees will be assessed once the athlete makes the team.  

Please make sure a parent registers and has an email connected to the athletic registration.  The athletic registration contact information is how all communication will go out to parents and athletes through text and emails.

If you have any questions regarding athletic registration, sports physicals or fees, please call Julie Stuttle at 630-937-8633 or email at julie.stuttle@bps101.net.

2/27/2017 10:00 PM




Batavia High School
Administration & Athletic Staff



Superintendent Dr. Lisa Hichens
Principal Joanne Smith
 Athletic Director Dave Andrews
Assistant Athletic Director Shelby Gajos
Assistant Athletic Director Dennis Piron
Athletic Secretary Julie Stuttle
Athletic Trainer Erin Finucane, Zac Roberts
Cheerleading Jennifer Melendez
Dance Team Angela Fuqua

Fall Sports Coaching Staff



Cross Country - Boys

Bronco Meeks, Head Coach

Alvin Freeman, Asst. Coach

Cross Country - Girls

Chad Hillman, Head Coach

Samantha Miller, Asst. Coach


Dennis Piron, Head Varsity Coach
Adam Kolowski, Head Sophomore Coach
Michael Theriault, Head Freshman Coach


Golf - Boys

Tim DeBruycker, Head Varsity Coach

Jacob Wyeth, Assistant Coach

Golf - Girls

Tim Kauffmann, Head Varsity Coach

Virgiania Platt, Head JV Coach

Soccer - Boys

Mark Gianfrancesco , Head Varsity Coach

Aaron Kuhn, Varsity Assistant

Chris Payton, Sophomore

Adam Spencer, Freshman Assistant

Phil Albrecht, Freshman Assistant

Tennis - Girls

Brad Nelson, Head Varsity Coach
Lisa Stoneberg, Head JV Coach

Volleyball - Girls

Lori Trippi-Payne , Head Varsity Coach

Tracey Kozak, Head JV Coach

Kaitlyn Grady, Head Sophomore Coach

Jackie Nilles, Head Freshman A Coach

Liz Allroth, Head Freshman B Coach


Winter Sports Coaching Staff



Basketball - Boys Jim Nazos, Head Varsity Coach
Tim Swanson, Head Sophomore Coach
Ryan Sullivan, Head Freshman Coach
Basketball - Girls Kevin Jensen, Head Varsity Coach
Sarah Wilkie, Head Sophomore Coach
Allison Jordan, Head Freshman Coach
Allison Jordan
Gymnastics - Girls Taryn Boyce, Head Coach
Doug Bucholz
Wrestling Scott Bayer, Head Coach
John Canfield
Greg Schroeder
Tom Arlis

Spring Sport Coaching Staff




Matt Holm, Head Varsity Coach
Alex Beckmann, Varsity Assistant Coach
Bob Polinsky, Varsity Assistant Coach

Todd Lawler, Varsity Assistant Coach
Brett Bartos, Head Sophomore Coach
Brian Krolikowski, Head Sophomore Coach
Tim Kauffmann, Head Freshman Coach

Ryan Sullivan, Head Freshman Coach

Soccer - Girls

Mark Gianfrancesco, Head Varsity Coach
Heather Thomas, Varsity Assistant Coach
Chris Payton, JV
Tom O'Reilly, Freshman
Kaitlyn McGuriman, Freshman


Lupe Castellanos, Head Varsity Coach
Torry Pryor, JV Coach
Sarah Wilkie, JV Coach

 Tennis - Boys

 Brad Nelson, Head Varsity Coach
 Jim Lau, JV Coach

Track & Field - Boys

Dennis Piron, Head Coach
Mike DiDomenico
Michael Theriault
Bill Kettering

Track & Field - Girls

Justin Allison, Head Coach
Chad Hillman

Brooke Bernardoni


Kyle Sullivan, Head Varsity Coach

Scott Salvati, Assistant Coach

Scott Williams, Assistant Coach

Jeff Patterson, Head JV Coach