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Central Music Booster's Scholarship


2018 Scholarship Application

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Complete this application to qualify for one of two scholarships provided by the Central Music Boosters.  To qualify, applicants must have been active in the Music Program at Central High School in some way, and must agree to continue their music education beyond high school.  This does not mean that you must pursue a major in music, but you must register in some music-related class or program (i.e. band, chorus, etc.) at the college of your choice.   The Central Music Boosters will award two non-renewable scholarships in an amount up to $750.00 each.


To qualify for this scholarship program, the applicant must:


  • Be a member of the Central High School Class of 2018.
  • Have been a Central High School student for at least four (4) semesters.
  • Be eligible to graduate from Central High School on or before May 31st, 2018.
  • Have earned four credits in band, jazz band, chorus or chorale by the time of graduation or a combination thereof.


This scholarship will be paid after the winning applicant(s) submits a copy of a first or second semester grade report from an institution of higher learning to the Central Music Boosters.  The grade report must indicate that the applicant has successfully completed a music class and has earned at least 12-semester hours (or equivalent) during the semester of the 2018-2019 school year.


Please submit a completed scholarship application form plus your one-page, typed essay to the Central High School Student Services Office by Monday, April 09, 2018.  Scholarship winners will be announced at the Senior Awards’ Night.


Application Number:   __________________



2018 Scholarship Application


List music courses taken and grade earned - Course Title


School Years (Fr, So, Jr, Sr)

Grade Received

(List year-end grade for

Year-long courses)

















List school related extra-curricular Activities


(Fall 14–Spring 18)

Comments, Experience, Growth














List community services/areas of special interest (include hobbies, music, church, etc):


(Fall 14-Spring 18)

Comments, Experience, Growth














How will you continue your music education?  What is your planned major?



On a separate sheet of paper, no longer than a page, explain how Central High School’s Music Programs have affected your life and how you anticipate these programs will affect your life in the future.


Application Number:  ______________


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