2019 Central Baseball Tryout Information

If you are interested in trying out for the 2019 Central Baseball Team.  Please click on the link below for the information.  If you have any specifc questions please contact Coach Kyle Nelson at kyle.nelson@central301.net.

Tryout Information

3/2/2019 9:11 PM

Athletic Entrance

Thank You for attending one of the Athletic events at Central High School.  If you are attending please park in lots by the baseball field and you can only enter Door 8 and Door 14.  There is handicap spot by all the approved athletic entrances.  If you have any questions please contact the Athletic Office at 847-464-6038.

3/30/2019 8:16 PM




Central High School
Administration, Athletic & Activities Staff



Superintendent Dr. Todd Stirn
Principal Mr. Chris Testone
Athletic Director Steve Diversey
Athletic Secretary Teresa McMahon
Athletic Trainer Mary Cay Peterson

Fall Sports Coaching Staff



Cross Country - Boys

Head Coach - Vince Neil
Assistant - Dan Palmiter  

Cross Country - Girls

Head Coach - Vince Neil
Assistant - Dan Palmiter

Dance - Fall Head Coach - Kelly Rupprecht
Cheerleading - Fall

Varsity Head - Megan Marciniec

Junior Varsity  Alexa Kritikos


Varsity Head Coach - Brian Melvin
Assistant - Brian Iossi
Assistant - Chuck Abate
Assistant - Kevin Sabo

Assistant - Ashton Brown

Assistant -  Tyler Clark
Assistant - Scott Parola

Assistant - Andrew Vock


Golf - Boys

Head Coach - Thomas Davies
Assistant - Ryan Robinson

Golf - Girls Head Coach - Kyle Nelson
Soccer - Boys

Head Coach - Michael Galeski
JV Coach - Ryan Gecan

Freshman Coach -   Matthew Stearns                    

Volleyball - Girls

Head Coach - George Campos
Assistant Coach - Mollie O'Brien

Junior Varsity Coach- Samantha Mainzer

Freshman Coach - Julia Smagacz

Winter Sports Coaching Staff



Basketball - Boys Varsity Head Coach - Brett Porto
Assistant Varsity - Ryan Robinson
Sophomore Coach - Jarod Shott
Freshman Coach - Nick Scoliere
Basketball - Girls

Head Varsity Coach - Mark Smith
Assistant Varsity - Tia Palmiter

Head Sophomore Coach - Sean Meyer
Head Freshman Coach - Dave Semmen

Cheerleading - Competitive

Varsity Head - Megan Marciniec

Junior Varsity Alexa Kritikos

Dance - Competitive Head Coach - Kelly Rupprecht

Head Coach - Ashton Brown

Assistant - Tyler Clark
Assistant - Jeff Richart

Head Freshman - Vince Govea

Spring Sport Coaching Staff




Head Varsity Coach - Kyle Nelson
Varsity Assistant - Kenneth Long

Sophomore Coach - Brayden Teele

Freshman Coach - Sean Meyer

Soccer - Girls

Head Varsity Coach - Jessica Arneson
Assistant - Mike Gecan
Assistant - Ryan Gecan


Head Varsity Coach -
Assistant Coach -
Junior Varsity Coach - Kristen Dillon
Freshman Coach - 

Track & Field - Boys

Head Coach - Mike Schmidt
Assistant Coach - Dave Burner
Assistant Coach - Brent Ferstl

Assistant Coach - Jon Pollock

Track & Field - Girls

Head Coach - Vince Neil
Assistant Coach - Dave Semmen
Assistant Coach - Dave Burner

Assistant Coach - Corey Heyob

Activites Staff

Academic Bowl

Varsity - Michelle Sinnaeve  

Junior Varsity - Matt Groom

Art Club

Peggy Gannon 

Athletic Band - Fall Jim Struyk
Athletic Band - Winter Jim Struyk

Book Club

Mollie O'Brien
Diversity Club Rachel Goeden


Ryan Robinson 

Freshman Class

Julia Smagacz

Rachel Rodriguez

GAPP German Exchnange Program Anette Bliss   

German Club

Anette Bliss    

German Honor Society

Anette Bliss   

Junior Class

Gillian Lachanski

Zandra McGuire

Madrigal Dinner Jeff Nesseth
Math Team Andrey Keil
Music Programs- Band Jim Struyk
Music Programs - Vocal Jeff Nesseth

National Honor Society

Kevin Pierce

Pep Club (Rocket Rowdies)

Rachel Rodriguez

Play - Fall Jeff Nesseth
Play - Spring Jeff Nesseth


Peggy Gannon

Senior Class

Matt Groom

Donna Basak

Service Club

Sue Zagorski

Sophomore Class

Kelly Stoner

Sue Zagorski

Spanish Club

 Jennifer Bustos

Spanish Honor Society

Ellen Horvath   

Student Council

Zandra McGuire

Dave Semmen

Student Government

Zandra McGuire

Dave Semmen

 Central Coffee House Director

Jim Struyk

Tech Club

Jim Struyk

Writer's Club

Mollie O'Brien

Mary Elliott


Andrey Keil


Zandra McGuire