2018-2019 Fresh (FA) Roster
Jersey Name Position Height Class
2 Eileen Harris DS 5'0" 2022
3 Ava Matheson OH 5'6" 2022
3 Olivia Ray DS/L 5'4" 2022
4 Lauren Topp L/DS 5'5" 2022
5 Robyn Balcom S 5'5" 2022
6 Haley Hurst DS/L 5'0" 2022
7 Ariel Hoskin S 5'4" 2022
8 Kaitlyn Berryman S 5'4" 2022
9 Emma Sawier OH/RS 5'6" 2022
10 Sydney Populorum S 5'7" 2022
11 Kristin Weidner RS/DS 5'3" 2022
13 Drew Populorum L/DS 5'6" 2022
14 Megan Krapf MB/RS 5'6" 2022
15 Annie Metherd MB/OH/RS 5'6" 2022
16 Taylor M Pertile MB 5'9" 2022
17 Abby Turek MB/RS 5'6" 2022
19 Olivia Bifulco OH 5'4" 2022
20 Esther Afolabi MB/RS 5'7" 2022
21 Natalie Gonzalez OH/RS 5'6" 2022
22 Gracie Lapacek RS/OH 5'6" 2022
23 Brooke Patton MB 5'7" 2022
24 Paige Antiporek RS/MB 5'9" 2022
Coaching Staff
Jennifer Niendorf
Freshmen A Coach

Jennifer Niendorf is entering her second year of coaching volleyball at DGS. Prior to coaching at South she coached one year at the high school level at Plainfield Central for boys’ and girls’ volleyball. Jennifer is also in her fourth year of coaching badminton at DGS. Jennifer graduated with a degree in Family and Consumer Science from Illinois State University. She then went to Loyola University Chicago for her Masters in School Social Work. She now works as a Family and Consumer Science teacher with the Career and Technical Education department at DGS. Jennifer teaches Fashion Construction, Early Childhood Care, and Consumer Education.

Jennifer began her volleyball career in 5th grade and developed a love of volleyball and several other sports! She played volleyball, basketball, cross country and track in middle school. She played club volleyball with Ultimate for four years as a setter and libero. During high school at Lincoln-Way East Jennifer played volleyball, tennis, and badminton. She received MVP once for volleyball and two times as a badminton player. As an adult Jennifer continues to play both beach and indoor volleyball and participates in tournaments throughout the year.

From the coach…
I am excited to be coaching the freshman again this year! The freshman level is a pivotal point in an athlete’s career in terms of development not only as a player, but as a person. I am looking forward to sharing my love of the game with your daughters and encouraging them to push themselves in all aspects of the game. I believe in players working together as a team and striving to be positive student-athletes.

Brett Wolf
Freshmen B Coach

Brett is entering his third year coaching volleyball at DGS. Brett has previous coaching experience with boys basketball and baseball at DGS, along with past coaching experiences at Urbana High School and the Bulls-Sox Training Academy. Brett graduated from the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign in 2015 with a degree in Special Education. He teaches at DGS in the special services department and co-teaching with the math department. Brett started playing volleyball in 7th grade, and even though baseball and volleyball conflict seasons at the high school level, Brett continues to play both indoor and beach volleyball to this day. Brett partook in the boosters and clinics run by the University of Illinois’ women’s volleyball program, which is consistently a top ranked program in the country. Brett attributes his strategic knowledge and breakdown of the game to speeches by their head coach Kevin Hambly, who was also a former USA olympic volleyball coach. At Maine West High School, Brett played baseball and basketball. From the coach.... Volleyball is one of my absolute favorite sports, and I am extremely excited to take part in this great program. I am looking forward to teaching and motivating your daughters this season, along with learning a lot from them as well.