2017-2018 Sports Online Registration is OPEN

2017-2018 Fall registration is now OPEN with the following sports: Cross Country for boys and girls; Football; Golf for boys and girls; Soccer for boys; Swim for girls; Tennis for girls and Volleyball.  

Online registration, sports physical and the $150.00 athletic fee must be COMPLETED by Monday, July 31st for Football and Golf and Wednesday, August 2nd for all other sports.  A freshman physical can be used as a sports physical.  If this is not complete, then your athlete will NOT participate.

Football and golf start practices on August 7th and soccer; swim; tennis and volleyball practice begins August 9th.  If you have any questions, please contact Becky Polcik in the Athletic office at 224-484-5100 or rebecca.polcik@d300.org.

9/2/2017 9:26 PM




Dundee-Crown High School 
Administration, Athletics & Activities Staff



Superintendent Fred Heid
Principal Devon LaRosa
Athletic / Activities Director Steve Gertz
Athletic Coordinator Christine Hopkins-Muehl
Athletic Secretary Rebecca Polcik
Athletic Trainer Morgan Lederman
Cheerleading Coach

Erica Hopp- Co-Head Coach
Kolleen Madeck - Co-Head Coach

Terra Calamari - JV Coach

Pom and Dance Coach Ashley Nelson - Head Coach
Mary Pasquale - JV Coach

Fall Sports Coaching Staff



Cross Country - Boys

Tyler Carlson - Head Coach

Cross Country - Girls

Tyler Carlson - Head Coach


Mike Steinhaus - Head Coach
Mike Davis - Asst. Coach
Brad Smeele - Asst. Coach
Bob Skillman - Head Freshmen Coach
Nicolas Pool - Head Sophomore Coach

Matt D'Angelo - Assistant Sophomore Coach

Kyle Wright - Assistant Varsity Coach

Marcus Harbuck - Assistant Freshman Coach

Golf - Boys

Bob Sweeney  - Head Coach

Matt Schwenk - Asst.Coach

Soccer - Boys

Rey Vargas - Head Coach
Sebastian Falinski - Asst. Coach
Jose Arias - JV Coach

Nick Pahl - Freshman Coach

Swimming & Diving - Girls

Amy Field  - Head Coach

Amie Adams - Asst. Coach

Tennis - Girls Stephanie McClure- Head Coach
Cally Genson - Asst. Coach

Volleyball - Girls

Christine Hopkins-Muehl - Head Coach
Tiffany Sitarz - Varsity Asst. Coach
Erik Hidaka - Sophomore Coach
John Alesch - Freshmen Coach

Winter Sports Coaching Staff



Basketball - Boys

Lance Huber - Head Coach
Bob Sweeney - Asst. Coach
Nick Pahl - Asst. Coach

Dave Alters - Asst. Coach 
Mike Steinhaus - Asst. Coach

Basketball - Girls

Sarah Miller - Head Coach

Bowling - Girls David Mensching - Head Coach


Tim Hayes - Head Coach

Spring Sports Coaching Staff




Matt Mueller- Head Coach

Soccer - Girls

Sebastian Falinski - Head Coach
Rey Vargas - Asst. Coach
Cindy Boynton - Asst. Coach

Jose Arias - Freshman Coach


Tracy Beatty - Head Coach

Tennis - Boys

Cally Genson - Head Coach

Track & Field - Boys

Matt D'Angelo- Head Coach
Mike Davis - Asst. Coach
Tyler Carlson - Asst. Coach

Track & Field - Girls

Christine Hopkins-Muehl - Head Coach
Matt Michalski - Asst. Coach
TBA - Asst. Coach

Activities & Clubs


Adalente Club Gabriela Wilson
Animation Club Angela Miller
Art Club Kim Fuller


Emily Jacobs & Stephanie Hasapis
Beta Club Greg Mason
Construction Club Steve Justis
D-C One Heart Piper Stratton
French Club Carie Ageneau & Bonnie Leffler
Freshman Class Sponsor

Kathy Peterson

German Club Antje Starbird
Junior Class Sponsor Deb Baker
L.G.B.T. Club Angela Miller
National Honors Society Kolleen Madeck
Rotary Interact Greg McNally
Scholastic Bowl Scott McNees
School Newspaper  
Senior Class Sponsor Alicia Klein
Sophomore Class Sponsor Melissa Baker
Spanish Club Emma Ageneau
Strategy Game Club Michael Block & Scott McNees
Student Congress Anna Murray
Student Council Amanda Palarz 
Video Yearbook

David Mensching 

WYSE Michael Block
Yearbook Kate Norkus
Youth Labor Committee Deborah Chabi