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Selection of National Honor Society Members:

Membership in the National Honor Society is a prestigious award bestowed upon a student; a student may not apply to join the organization. The National Honor Society Faculty Council, a committee of five faculty members appointed annually by the principal selects students for membership.  Electionn procedures are consistent with the rules and regulations of the National Honor Society  - selection is based on outstanding scholarship, character, leadership, and service.  To be eligibile as a candiddate for the National Honor Society , a student must:

1. be a junior who has attended District 127 the equivalent of one semester.

2. have a minimum cumulative scholastic average of 3.4 on a 4.0 scale;

3. serve the school by participating in documented extracurricular (school-sponsored) activities, including a minimum of two during his or her junior year; (for NHS purposes, activities must be included in the student handbook, be sponsored by faculty, require regular attendance, and include duties and responsibilities of members.  If they are either informal and/or without board approval, certain school groups will not be considered activities for NHS selection purposes.  Please see NHS sponsor for clarification regarding activities not meeting above cirteria;)

4.  volunteer documented service to the community - examples of appropriate community service include working for a clean-up campaign, public library, hospital, homeless shelter, literacy program, or the Special Olympics; volunteering in a house of worship; participating actively in Scouting; or taking part in a fundraising event like an AIDS or cancer walk.  Hours earned as a member of a school club may count as community service but not as a school activity, as well.  NHS candidates must show evidence of at least twenty hours of cumulative service to the community during their high school years;

5.  have positive ratings in leadership, service and character from the faculty;

6.  recieve a majority vote of the National Honor Society Faculty Council.

Note: A candidtate's disciplinary record is a factor in the selection process.  Students who receive out-of-school or in-school suspensions, Saturday detentions, or suspensions are at risk of being denied membership.  Selection of members occurs in the spring after students have completed five semesters of academic work.

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