Glenbard East Athletic MissionTo utilize sports to develop "WELL-ROUNDED" student-athletes and establish great pride in our school community.



Our goal is get over 300 members for the 2017-18 school year - we are at 246 current members, so please join, be a voice, and help fundraise, and volunteer along with other parents for our athletic program!


-RED & BLACK BALL is on Friday, March 9 @Glendale Lakes Golf Course Banquet Room; major fundraiser for ALL athletic teams, so ALL parents/guardians with a child(ren) in our athletic program are expected to attend and have fun!



SPRING SPORTS will begin on the following dates below; student-athletes please register via PowerSchool, have an up-to-date Physcial Examination:
-Badminton:  Mon 2/26/18 first practice and/or tryouts-head coach Brad Lundine (brad_lundine@glenbard.org)


-Baseball:  Mon 2/26/18 first practice and/or tryouts-head coach Joel Pelland (joel_pelland@glenbard.org)


-Boys Gymastics:  Mon 2/12/18 first practice and/or tryouts-head coach Wayne Hill (whill@dupageforest.com)


-Girls Soccer:  Mon 2/26/18 first practice and/or tryouts-head coach Kent Overbey (kent_overbey@glenbard.org)


-Softball:  Mon 2/26/18 first practice and/or tryouts-head coach Dawn Chantos (dawn_chantos@glenbard.org)


-Boys Tennis:  Mon 2/26/18 first practice and/or tryouts-head coach Steven Hoogerheide (steven_hoogerheide@glenbard.org)


-Boys Track & Field:  Tue 1/16/18 first practice and/or tryouts-head coach Daniel Greco (daniel_greco@glenbard.org)


-Girls Track & Field:  Tue 1/16/18 first practice and/or tryouts-head coach Molly Gstalter (molly_gstalter@glenbard.org)


-Boys Volleyball:  Mon 3/5/18 first practice and/or tryouts-head coach Marci Maier (marci_maier@glenbard.org)








Monday 4/30/18 Rams College Signing Day for ALL (starting at 2:45 p.m.)


Monday 5/21/18 ESPYs (a night to celebrate Rams Athletics, starting at 6:15 p.m.)


Thursday 5/24/18 GRADUATION (College of DuPage)

6/3/2022 7:00 AM

About Us

About Us - DISTRICT 87




To prepare students to be productive citizens equipped to challenge the future as a knowledgeable person, critical thinker, effective communicator, quality producer, collaborative worker, responsible individual, and socially responsible citizen.


District 87's mission:


We are a community committed to inspiring and empowering all learners to succeed.


Priority 1:  Create pathways to success for every student aligning standards, assessment, and instruction.
  • Engage ALL students in problem-solving, critical thinking, and the capacity to construct knowledge while connecting curriculum to real-world contexts.
  • Prepare students for successful transition into post-secondary education and careers through consistent course/subject learning targets, assessments of common course standards and outcomes, consistent use of best practice instructional strategies, and aligned staff development.
  • Develop strategies to provide students with opportunities to take responsibility for their own learning.  
Priority 2:  Foster a supportive, safe environment that inspires learning and encourages engagement with the school.
  • Provide intervention strategies to address significant  achievement gaps for whom they exist.
  • Create personalized learning environments that address each studentís academic, social and emotional needs.  
  •  Promote professional learning teams that make efficient use of collaboration time to improve student achievement.
  • Improve student attendance at all schools.
Priority 3: Strengthen productive home, school, and community partnerships for education.
  • Improve two-way parent and community communication systems to ensure needs and requirements are clearly understood, addressed, and responded to in a timely way.  Seek parent and community input into decisions that affect them.
  • Engage all facets of the Glenbard community to facilitate progress toward achieving the districtís shared vision.
  •  Collect, report, analyze, and act on student, staff, parent, and community feedback on a regular basis.
Priority 4: Create a positive, collaborative, work environment dedicated to continuous improvement.
  • Improve two-way communication systems between the district office and all schools to ensure all needs and requirements are clearly understood and responded to in a timely way.  Seek staff input into decisions that affect them.
  • Recruit and retain a highly qualified staff that reflects the diversity of our students.  Set clear expectations for all employees and provide meaningful evaluation to celebrate strengths and provide opportunity for growth.
  • Collaborate within and among schools and district office to define district parameters while allowing for individual school autonomy.
Priority 5: Make efficient, effective, and equitable use of resources that are essential to the educational success of students.
  • Develop a clear process to allocate financial resources aligned to strategic mission, vision, and priorities.
  • Increase staff, parentsí, and community awareness of the districtís five-year financial forecast and how district financial data compares with high school districts in the area.
  • Support appropriate use of technology to enhance teaching and learning.