District 300 Athletic Event Procedures Reminder

Hampshire High School has implemented the following changes to policies and procedures regarding its athletic and event facilities.  These changes were made in keeping with safety and security as our top priority, as well as to provide the best experience for community users of our facilities.

Hampshire Event Expectations (for all attendees at extracurricular events)
  • No outside food or beverages will be allowed;
  • Bags/purses are subject to search;
  • No re-entry allowed once exiting the facility (you must re-pay to re-enter);
  • Elementary and middle school students need to have a parent in attendance with the student to enter  the Stadium or any other competition site;
  • No footballs, soccer balls, basketballs or any other sporting equipment  are allowed in the Stadium, or any other competition site, thus no game play or horseplay is allowed;
  • Gates will open at 4:30 p.m. for football games;
  • Good sportsmanship is an expectation on, and off, the field.

2/23/2019 2:30 PM

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6/1/2019 4:00 PM


2017-2018 Varsity Roster
Jersey Name Position Height Class
Camila Barrientos 5'3" 2018
Mariana Byker 5'8" 2019
Mackenzie Cooper 5'5" 2018
Alexis Foster 0'0" 2019
Daniel Hawkey MANAGER 5'11" 2019
Shannon Lukaszuk 5'6" 2021
Leticia Luna 5'6" 2019
Julia Magalit 5'5" 2018
Sandra Miciak 5'6" 2018
Joshua Milan MANAGER 5'5" 2019
Samantha Miranda 5'4" 2018
Karen Ortega 5'2" 2018
Giselle Ortiz 5'1" 2018
Katelyn Patthana 5'0" 2018
Kaylee Patthana 5'4" 2020
Renee Kyla Rivero 5'3" 2018
Mary Ann Santos 5'2" 2018
Alex Sayavongs MANAGER 5'6" 2018
Chad Sia MANAGER 5'4" 2018
Morgan Ward 5'3" 2018
Grace Witecha 5'4" 2019
Coaching Staff