District 300 Athletic Event Procedures Reminder

Hampshire High School has implemented the following changes to policies and procedures regarding its athletic and event facilities.  These changes were made in keeping with safety and security as our top priority, as well as to provide the best experience for community users of our facilities.

Hampshire Event Expectations (for all attendees at extracurricular events)
  • No outside food or beverages will be allowed;
  • Bags/purses are subject to search;
  • No re-entry allowed once exiting the facility (you must re-pay to re-enter);
  • Elementary and middle school students need to have a parent in attendance with the student to enter  the Stadium or any other competition site;
  • No footballs, soccer balls, basketballs or any other sporting equipment  are allowed in the Stadium, or any other competition site, thus no game play or horseplay is allowed;
  • Gates will open at 4:30 p.m. for football games;
  • Good sportsmanship is an expectation on, and off, the field.

2/23/2019 2:30 PM

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6/1/2019 4:00 PM




Hampshire HS 
Administration & Athletic Staff



Superintendent Mr. Fred Heid
Principal Dr. Brett Bending
Athletic Director

Michael Sitter

Athletic Secretary Tracy Walton
Principal's Secretary Karen Bryson
Certified Athletic Trainer Nicole Otero

Fall Sports Coaching Staff




Kirstin Panvino, Head Varsity
Samantha Potter, JV

Cross Country - Boys & Girls

Dennis Wozniak - Head Coach

Ryan Hollister - Assistant

Tina Finley - Assistant



Jake Brosman - Varsity Head
Al Thompson - Varsity Assistant

Frank Simoncelli - Varsity Assistant
Bo Price - Varsity Assistant

Doug Tamms - Head FS

Bradley Jenisch - FS Assistant

Steve Lee - FS Assistant

Robert Homola - FS Assistant

Tom Price - Volunteer 

Golf - Boys

Golf - Girls 

Jeff Howe - Head Coach

Sue Ellett - Head Coach

Taylor Ellett - Assistant Coach


Vanessa Erfort - Head Varsity Coach

Kimberly Hutton - JV Coach

Soccer - Boys

Rick Schuster, Head Varsity Coach

Javier Rojo - Varsity Assistant

Chayanne Martinez - Head JV Coach

Jon Babcock - FS Head Coach

Swimming & Diving - Girls (Co-op w/Jacobs

Emily Susmarksi - Head Coach

Laura Garand - JV Coach

Tennis - Girls

Dylan Clark, Head Varsity Coach
Nathan Meno,- JV Coach

Volleyball - Girls

Ramon Borrero, Head Varsity Coach
Kim Millard, Assistant Varsity
Will Benehaley, Head Sophomore Coach
Roxanne Bloomberg, Head Freshman Coach

Winter Sports Coaching Staff



Basketball - Boys

Ben Whitehouse - Head Varsity Coach

Lafeyette Bell - Assistant

Joe Natale - Head Sophomore Coach

Kevn O'Brien - Freshman A Coach

- Freshman B Coach

Basketball - Girls

Mike Featherly - Head Varsity Coach

Eric Samuelson - Varsity Assistant

Sarah Thomas - Varsity Assistant

Andrew Lindley - JV Coach

 - Freshman Coach

Swim - Boys' (co-op w/Jacobs) Rick Andresen 


Randy Mitty - Head Varsity

Bradley Jenisch - Assistant

Matthew Todd - Assistant

Dan Hart - Assistant 

Winter Cheerleading

Kirstin Panvino - Head Varsity

Samantha Potter - JV Coach

Winter Dance

Vanessa Erfort - Head Varsity

 - JV Coach

Spring Sports Coaching Staff




Frank Simoncelli, - Head Varsity

Joe Natale, Varsity Assistant

, - Sophomore

Al Thompson - Freshman

Soccer - Girls

Colin Brice, Head Varsity

Christine Brush - Varsity Assistant

Kelly Madison - JV Coach

Alyssa Hargrave - JV Assistant 


Kelly Wasilewski, Head Varsity

Cray Allen, Varsity Assistant

Jen Hurst, JV

Tennis - Boys

Art Steuber, Head Varsity

Nathan Meno, JV

Track & Field - Boys

Joe Watzlawick, Head Varsity

Ryan Hollister, Assistant

Brad Jenisch, Assistant

Track & Field - Girls

Scott Fortunato, Head Varsity

Tina Finley, Assistant

Brian Price- Assistant