Booster Club Meeting - Monday, September 11th

Our Booster Club meets on the second Monday of every month at 7:00 pm in the main office conference room.  Please join us as we always welcome new volunteers!  To sign up to volunteer, please go to  

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7/7/2018 7:00 PM

Booster Club Back to School Spirit Wear Now Available

Hampshire High School Back to School Spirit Wear Sale 2017

Don't Miss Out!  Order your HHS Spiritwear Now!  This sale ends on August 31st.  You can now purchase your items online in three (3) steps.

1.  Go to the online store at;

2.  Choose your items and add them to your cart and

3.  Securely checkout with your credit card.

Online store deadline is Thursday, August 31, 2017.

8/31/2017 12:00 AM

New Payment Procedure for Athletic Fees in Place

To all registrants for CUSD300 2017/2018 Athletics:

A few reminders regarding the registration process for CUSD300 Athletics.

The registration for 2017 Fall Season is open.    All information, instructions, and forms are online at  The deadline is July 31st for Golf and Football and August 2nd for Cross Country, Boys Soccer, Girls Swim, Girls Tennis and Volleyball.

Athletic fee payment can be paid through the D300 Webstore -

  1. Select the School;
  2. Select the Sport;
  3. Add the item to the Cart; and
  4. Proceed to Checkout
  • Sign on to PushCoin.  (A PushCoin account is needed.)
  • Under Payment Instructions – select Choose Account.   (Do not use the Student’s wallet.)
  • Create a Payment type – either Credit/Debit Card or eCheck.
  • Submit Payment.

Cash Payments will be accepted at the school.  If you have any questions, please contact Kim Steuber, Hampshire High School’s  Bookkeeper for assistance at 847-792-3564 or

The completion of registration through 8to18, verification of student information, including current physical on file, and payment of athletic fee are required before the student will be allowed to participate in the sport.  Athletes will NOT participate in any way, including try-outs, until they have registered online, have an updated physical on file and the $150.00 athletic fee paid. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Tracy Walton, Athletic Secretary at 847-792-3568 or

9/15/2017 6:00 PM




Hampshire HS 
Administration & Athletic Staff



Superintendent Mr. Fred Heid
Principal Dr. Brett Bending
Athletic Director David Hicks
Athletic Secretary Tracy Walton
Principal's Secretary Karen Bryson
Certified Athletic Trainer Nicole Otero

Fall Sports Coaching Staff




Jillian Merrill, Head Varsity
Emalie Barber,JV

Cross Country - Boys & Girls

Dennis Wozniak - Head Coach



Mike Brasile - Varsity Head
Ed Haugens - Assistant

Al Thompson - Assistant
Brian Iossi - Assistant

Calvin Braker - Head Sophmore

Frank Simoncelli - Head Freshman

Joe Watzlawick - Freshman Assistant

Nick Iossi - Volunteer

Tom Price - Volunteer 

Brian Price - Volunteer

Kevin Sabo - Volunteer

Steve Szpejnowki - Volunteer

Parker Woodall - Volunteer

Golf - Boys

Golf - Girls 

Jeff Howe - Head Coach

Sue Ellett - Head Coach


Vanessa Castellano - Head Varsity Coach

Soccer - Boys

John Gosling, Head Varsity Coach

Grady Engle - Varsity Assistant

Melissa Loretto - Head JV Coach

TBA - Freshman Head Coach

Swimming & Diving - Girls (Co-op w/Jacobs)

Emily Susmarksi - Head Coach

Alison Briestansky - JV Coach

Tennis - Girls

Stephanie Sharpe, Head Varsity Coach
Nathan Meno,- JV Coach

Volleyball - Girls

Lauren Jensen, Head Varsity Coach
Mike Zimmerman, Assistant Varsity
Kim Gatza, Head Sophomore Coach
Roxi Bloomberg, Head Freshman Coach

Winter Sports Coaching Staff



Basketball - Boys

Ben Whitehouse - Head Varsity Coach

Jeremy Burke - Varsity Assistant

Joe Natale - Head Sophomore Coach

Frank Simoncelli - Freshman A Coach

Kevn O'Brien - Freshman B Coach

Mike Kozenczak - Volunteer

Rick Cork - Volunteer

Basketball - Girls

Mike Featherly - Head Varsity Coach

Eric Samuelson - Varsity Assistant

Sarah Thomas - Varsity Assistant

Andrew Lindley - JV Coach

Stephanie Sharpe - Freshman Coach


Swim - Boys' (co-op w/Jacobs) Rick Andresen 


Brian Iossi - Head Varsity

TBA - Assistant

Artie Grubba - Assistant

Dan Napper - Freshman Coach

Robert McGowan - Volunteer Coach

Winter Cheerleading

Jillian Merrill - Head Varsity

Emalie Barber - JV

Winter Dance Vanessa Castellano - Head Varsity

Spring Sports Coaching Staff




John Sarna, Head Varsity

Frank Simoncelli, Varsity Assistant

Joe Natale, Varsity Assistant

Bob Fillmore, Sophomore

Dan Napper, Freshman

Soccer - Girls

TBA, Head Varsity

Colin Brice - Assistant

Grady Engle - Assistant Coach

Melissa Loretto - Assistant Coach


Kelly Wasilewski, Head Varsity

Cray Allen, Varsity Assistant

Kevin O'Brien, JV

Anne Cordina, Freshman

Tennis - Boys

TBA, Head Varsity


Track & Field - Boys

Joe Watzlawick, Head Varsity

Ryan Hollister, Assistant

Eric Samuelson, Assistant

Track & Field - Girls

Jackie Hampton, Head Varsity .5

Scott Fortunato, Head Varsity .5

Tina Finley, Assistant