Concussion Baseline Testing Information - PLEASE READ!!!

ALL FRESHMEN AND JUNIORS, as well as any other HHS athletes that have not completed a concussion baseline test are required to do so prior to the start of their sports' tryouts/practices beginning the week of November 5.  Concussion testing will be done at the times listed with this post.  There is no paperwork to fill out, as that will be taken care of when you register your child for participation on 8to18.  The testing will take place in the computer labs in the central part of the building at HHS - rooms C2120.  The testing will take approximately 30 minutes to complete.  Parents may wait in the hall for thir child to finish if they wish, or can wait in the parking lot as well.  If you have any questions or need any further information, please contact Assistant Athletic Director Matt Landvick at or call the HHS Athletic Office at (847) 659-6518.

Times for testing:

Tuesday, October 30 - 2:30pm-4:00pm (last test must be started by 3:30)

Wednesday, October 31 - 2:30pm-4:00pm (last test must be started by 3:30)

Thursday, November 1 - 2:30pm-4:00pm (last test must be started by 3:30)





If these times don't work for you, please contact HHS Athletic Trainer Kelsey Wedwick at


Thanks - The HHS Athletic Department

11/2/2018 4:00 PM

HHS Athletic Event Procedures Reminder

As a reminder, Huntley High School implemented the following changes to policies and procedures regarding its athletic and event facilities.  These changes were made in keeping with safety and security as our top priority, as well as to provide the best experience for community users of our facilities.

HHS Event Expectations (for all attendees at extracurricular events)
  • No outside food or beverages will be allowed.
  • Bags/purses are subject to search.
  • No re-entry allowed once exiting the facility (you must re-pay to re-enter)
  • Current HHS student ID is required to enter events for free.  Also, for football games, all HHS students should enter through the pass gate closest to the softball field.
  • Elementary and middle school students need to have a parent in attendance with the student to enter Red Raider Stadium or any other competition site 
  • No footballs, soccer balls, basketballs or any other sporting equipment  are allowed in Red Raider Stadium, or any other competition site, thus no game play or horseplay is allowed
  • Gates will open at 4:00 p.m. for football games
  • Good sportsmanship is an expectation on, and off, the field


11/2/2018 12:00 AM


2017-2018 Sophomore Roster
Jersey Name Position Height Weight Class
1 Tyler Mahon 2B 5'6" 135 2020
2 Andrew Loukota 2B 5'7" 130 2020
3 Joey Cauldren 2B 5'6" 140 2020
4 Hunter Dawson C 5'8" 165 2020
5 Andrew Henderson OF 5'11" 135 2020
9 Payton Coss 2B 5'5" 170 2020
10 Brandon Besch OF 5'10" 135 2020
14 Matthew Breski OF 5'11" 180 2020
16 Michael Rodriguez 3B 5'10" 190 2020
19 Mitchell Jones OF 5'8" 125 2020
23 Alexander Sundling C 6'0" 135 2020
27 Austin Lee SS 5'9" 130 2020
28 Brandon Jernigan 1B 6'0" 230 2020
15W/13R Dylan Armstrong SS 5'11" 155 2020
20W/24R Branden Clawson-Taylor OF 5'10" 140 2020
18W/33R Jimmy Fairley OF 6'1" 175 2020
26W/33R Kyler Gannon 1B 6'3" 175 2020
21W/25R Tommy Giese 1B 6'4" 180 2020
30W/37R Zachary Isenegger 1B 6'2" 240 2020
11W/40R Christian Kasal 3B 6'2" 160 2020
24W/12R Brice Klepfer C 5'7" 140 2020
17W/32R Darian Langkan OF 5'10" 160 2020
13W/18R Jake Lyon SS 6'1" 165 2020
12W/42R Matthew Martin 2B 5'8" 130 2020
8W/6R Jack Paddock OF 5'9" 2020
22W/20R James Sibert 3B 6'2" 195 2020
Coaching Staff