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2017-2018 Hockey Registration Information

  • Registration for the 2017-2018 Season will take place on Tuesday August 29th at 8:30pm at Darien Ice Arena after the preseason practice immediately followed by a mandatory parent meeting. See details below and the website under handouts for registration materials.
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Nazareth\ICCP\RB North Stars 2017-2018 Hockey Club
Payment Fee\Schedule Information
NAZARETH ICCP RB North Stars Hockey Club Registration for the 2017-2018 Season will take place on Tuesday August 29th at 8:30pm at Darien Ice Arena after the preseason practice immediately followed by a mandatory parent meeting.
In order to participate, the following will be required:
1)     USA Hockey Registration for 2017-2018 Season (USA Hockey link can be found at the bottom of our website homepage). (Due 8/29)
2)     Completed 2017-2018 Registration Packet (Located in the Handouts\Forms link of our website). Includes the following:
a.      Registration Information (Due on or before 8/29)
b.      Medical Consent and Hold Harmless Agreement (Due on or before 8/29)
c.      Zero Tolerance Guidelines and Agreement (Due on or before 8/29)
d.      Nazareth\ICCP\RB Hockey Club Player \ Financial Agreement (Due on or before 8/29)
3)     Registration Fee or Deposit - $3000 or $750 Deposit (Due 8/29)
The registration packet can be found under the “Handouts” tab on the website.
The expected fees for the 2017-2018 hockey season will be $3000.00, pending significant change in number of anticipated players participating or ice contract costs, - this includes all league fees, ice fees, warm-ups for new players, and state playoff fees and end of the season party.
There will be a minimum $750.00 deposit due on or before registration August 29th- this will reserve your players spot on the roster, and leave an expected balance of $2250.00.
If you compare other High School programs it will be very difficult to find a program that offers the kind of value that our program does. -We have similar quantities of ice practices and games as other high schools.
Prompt payment is required by all to keep your skater on the ice and eligible to participate in games. If payments become delinquent, notice will be sent to the family as well as coaches that until the account is made current, the skater will NOT be allowed on the ice (there will be no exceptions).
The Nazareth\ICCP\RB Hockey Club offers the following payment plans: 
·       Season Fee - Option 1: $3000 per player due at time of registration.
·       Season Fee - Option 2: Four payments, totaling $3000 per player.
·       Deposit of $750 per player due August 29th.
·       2nd payment of $750 per player due October 1st.
·       3rd  payment of $750 per player due November 1st
·       4th  payment of $750 per player due December 1st
Checks may be made payable to: Nazareth Academy (or Nazareth ICCP RB Hockey Club), and mailed or hand delivered to:
*      Patrick Lyons
*      345 N. Edgewood Ave
*      LaGrange Park, IL 60526 
The first payment due August 29th, along with 2017-2018 USA Hockey Registration, must be made prior to player participating on the ice.
Goalies are required to pay one-half of the regular player fees ($1500). The same payment options (with half due) are available for the goalie fees.
The cost of our Home and Away Uniforms are not included in our season fee. The jersey will cost $325.


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