Athletic Registation Information

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8/30/2017 7:00 PM


H.D. Jacobs High School Administration and Athletic Staff


Mr. Fred Heid


Mrs. Barb Valle

Athletic & Activity Director

Mr. Jeremy Bauer

Assistant Athletic & Activity Director

Mr. Jason Borhart

Athletic Trainer

Casey Polak

Athletic Secretary

Pat Peas

Fall Sports Coachi

Fall Coaching Staff

Boys' Cross Country

Head Coach:  Kevin Christian

Assistant: Chris Keller
Assistant: Zach Glenn

Boys Golf

Head Coach:  Gary Conrad

Boys Soccer

Head Coach:  AJ Cappello

JV Coach:  Mike Hanley
Freshmen Coach:  Brian Taege


Head Coach:  Bill Mitz

Assistant: Andy Farrissey
Assistant:  Mike Warren
Assistant: Jim Foote
Assistant:  Bob Mackey

Assistant:  Shane Leifeld
Assistant:  Ryan Arndt
Assistant:  Matt Hanks
Assistant:  John Bigler
Assistant:  Tom Domenz

Girls Cross Country

Head Coach: Kevin Christian

Assistant: Chris Keller
Assistant: Zach Glenn

Girls Golf

 Head Coach:  Megan Placko

Girls Tennis

 Head Coach:  Jon Betts

JV:  Harlan Miller

Girls Swimming

Head Coach:  Emily Susmarski

Girls Volleyball

Head Coach:  Lisa Dwyer

Assistant: Julie Krepel
Assistant: Curt Dedic
Assistant:  Lauren Ralph

Winter Coaching Staff

Boys Basketball

Head Coach:  Jimmy Roberts

Assistant:  Jack Denny
Assistant: Tim Moran
Assistant: Zach Peterson



Head Coach: Jessica Pfeiffer

Assistant: Nicole Hapanovich


Boys Swimming

Head Coach:  Allison Preston

Assistant: Jackie Peterson

Head Coach: Rick Andresen

 Assistant: Mitch Brandt

Girls Bowling      

Head Coach: Jim Rood

Girls Basketball

Head Coach: Joe Benoit

Assistant: Greg Mcnally
Assistant: Dave Petrosky
Assistant: Lauren Omsberg


Head Coach: Gary Conrad

Assistant: Don Wallace
Assistant: Jim Harrier


Spring Coaching Staff


Head Coach:  Jamie Murray

Asst: Jim Blaseck
Asst: Mike Krueger

Asst: James Blaseck
Asst: Jason Ziols
Asst: Dennie Mellen

Boys Tennis

Head Coach:  Jon Betts

Frosh/Soph Coach: Mark Scheurich

Boys Track & Field

Head Coach: Jason Borhart


Head Coach: Katie O'Brien

Assistant: Dave Nowak
Assistant: Leah Hall
Assistant: Scott Richman

Girls Soccer

Head Coach:  Stephanie Schuck

Assistant:  Brian Taege   
Assistant:  Mike Hanley

Girls Track & Field

Head Coach: Ryan Lemanski