Fall Sports Registration

Fall sports begin in August.  Please make sure to register and have a currently physical on file.  

Football and Golf start practice/tryouts on August 7 all other sports begin August 9.

Contact the Athletic Office at 847.451.3071 or 847.451.3137 if you have any questions.

8/6/2017 5:52 PM


Leyden High School District 212

Administration   and Athletic Staff

Superintendent Dr. Nick Polyak
Assistant Superintendent Dr. Beth Concannon
East Principal Mr. Jason Markey
West Principal Dr. Tatiana Bonuma
Athletic Director Mr. Randy Conrad
Assistant Athletic Director Mr. John Kading
Assistant Athletic Director Mr. Timothy Murphy
East Athletic Secretary Julie Dziadosz
West Athletic Secretary Mrs. Janice Martinelli

Fall Sports Head Coaches

Boys' Cross Country Bradley Henning
Boys' Golf Steve Siekierski
Boys' Soccer Mark Valintis
Football Tom Cerasani
Girls' Cross Country Emily Schader
Girls' Tennis Bob Smith
Girl's Swimming Chris Cook
Girls' Volleyball Danielle Kowalkowski

Winter Sports Head Coaches

Boys' Basketball Bill Heisler
Girls' Bowling Chris Aylward
Wrestling John Kading
Girls' Basketball Stephanie Kuzmanic
Girls' Gymnastics Jennifer Thomas
Boys' Swimming Chris Cook

Spring Sports Head Coaches

Girls Badminton Brian O'Grady
Boys' Baseball Robert Hamann
Boys' Tennis Bob Smith
Boys' Track & Field Tom Cartwright
Girls' Softball Kurt Schuett
Boys' Gymnastics Bill Cordts
Girls' Soccer Rob Fowler
Girls' Track & Field Brent Dempsey
Boys' Volleyball Michelle Mueller