All Spring athletes must be registered for athletics beginning Tuesday, January 1, 2019 in order to practice/tryout for Spring sports.  Current physicals are required.

Tryout dates, times & location can be found under NEWS on the home page for boys/girls track, boys baseball, boys gymnastics, boys tennis, boys volleyball, girls badminton, girls soccer and girls softball when available.  Spring PE Exemption forms for Juniors and Seniors available 1/7/19 at West Campus and due back complete by 3:00pm five (5) school days from the first day of that athletic season. 

3/9/2019 12:00 PM





School Name Administration and Athletic Staff


Dr. Lynn Panega lpanega@lphs.org


John Gouriotis jgouriotis@lphs.org 

Assistant Principal for Athletics

IHSA Official Representative

Peter Schauer pschauer@lphs.org

Associate Principal - West Campus

Tim Noverini tnoverini@lphs.org

Associate Principal - East Campus

Jessica Foster jfoster@lphs.org

Athletic Assistant

Connie Day-Adams athletics@lphs.org

Athletic Trainers

Albert Buzun abuzun@lphs.org

Ned Kenter ekenter@lphs.org

Valerie Spychala vspychala@lphs.org

Cheerleading Coach

Amanda Soukup asoukup@lphs.org

Lancettes Coach    

Julie Cowhey jcowhey@lphs.org

Fall Sports Coaching Staff

Boys' Cross Country

 Lance Murphy lmurphy@lphs.org

Boys' Golf

 Dan Batka dbatka@lphs.org

Boys' Soccer

Sean Crosby scrosby@lphs.org


Chris Roll croll@lphs.org

Girls' Cross Country

Jay Ivory jivory@lphs.org

Girls' Golf

Jeff Henrikson jhenrikson@lphs.org

Girls' Tennis

 Ben Hussey bhussey@lphs.org

Girls & Boys  Swimming

Dan Witteveen dwitteveen@lphs.org

Girls' Volleyball

 Tom Bergen tbergen@lphs.org

Winter Sports Coaching Staff

Boys' Basketball

Billy Pitcher - wpitch@lphs.org

Boys Bowling

 Greg Edwards gedwards@lphs.org

Girls Bowling

Theresa Czerniak tczerniak@lphs.org 


 Ryan Ferguson rferguson@lphs.org

Girls' Basketball

Brian Rupp brupp@lphs.org

Girls Gymnastics    

Jake Luketin jluketin@lphs.org

Spring Sports Coaching Staff

Boys' Baseball

Dan Colucci dcolucci@lphs.org

Boys Gymnastics  

Tim Whelan twhelan@lphs.org

Boys' Tennis

  Tim Martin tmartin@lphs.org

Boys' Track & Field

Tom Kaberna tkaberna@lphs.org 

Girls' Softball

 Tom Mazzie tmazzie@lphs.org

Girls' Soccer

 Sean Crosby scrosby@lphs.org

Girls' Track & Field

Jeffrey Helberg jhelberg@lphs.org

Boys Volleyball

 Brian Fischer bfischer@lphs.org