2017 Drive Thru Chicken Dinner Information



Maine South Athletic Booster Fundraiser


On Wednesday, November 15, 2017 the Maine South Athletic Boosters are holding a Drive Thru Chicken Dinner. You must purchase ticket(s) in advance.  Tickets are $8.00 per dinner. On that day you circle the pond out front of Maine South High School between 4:00 and 7:00 PM and your dinners will be ready for pick up. Stay in your car and present your tickets to one of our Maine South Athletes. The athletes will bring the dinners to your car. Take your dinner’s home and enjoy. Each dinner will include a ½ Chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans and roll.


How to participate:

  1. Purchase advance tickets (Tickets are $8.00 per dinner)
  2. Come to the front Maine South High School on November 15 between 4:00 and 7:00
  3. Pick up your dinners
  4. Go home and enjoy


Tickets may be purchased from:

  1. Athletic Booster President, Perrin Stephens perrin.stephens@gmail.com.
  2. Athletic Booster table at football playoffs
  3. Maine South Athletic Office



Funds raised will go towards outdoor restroom facilities at Wilson Field. 

11/16/2017 8:21 PM

Winter Sports Registration Information

2017-2018 Winter Sports Registration Information (Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball, Cheerleading, Girls Gymnastics, Hawkettes, Boys Swimming/Diving and Wrestling) 

INCOMING FRESHMEN: Your health physical will count towards your athletic physical. No need to get 2 physicals. Please make a copy of the physical you'll turn into the Health office, and turn one into the Athletic office prior to the first day of practice.

SOPHOMORES, JUNIORS, SENIORS: You need to turn in a physical prior to the Winter Sports start date. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!!Your son/daughter will NOT be able to participate in tryouts OR the start of the season without a physical.Please Note: WE WILL NOT ACCEPT athletic permit cards as registration to tryout / added to a roster. It must be filled out online. ALL ATHLETIC PERMITS will be filled out ONLINE using 8 to 18 Registration. What does that mean? Two parts are needed from you to be cleared to try out for a sport.

  1. Website to Register for Sports:

http://mainesouth.8to18.com: Steps on Registering:

  1. Create an account by using your email address. Create a password.
  2. Select the sport. Be careful to select gender specific sport.
  3. Follow the instructions listed on the pages.
  1. Turn in a physical signed by a physician to the Maine South Athletic Office by the Spec Gym.

If you plan to play a winter sport in 2017-2018 best to have both parts above completed by October 26, 2017. Online registration is now open for winter sports teams.   

12/15/2017 1:54 PM


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2017-2018 Varsity Schedule
Date Day Event H/A Time Location Results
11/20/2017 Mon @ Lyons Invite/Hinsdale South A 6:00 PM Lyons -
11/21/2017 Tue @ Lyons Invite/Lyons A 7:30 PM Lyons -
11/22/2017 Wed @ Lyons Invite/Plainfield North A 6:00 PM Lyons -
11/25/2017 Sat @ Lyons Invite A TBA Glenbard East -
11/30/2017 Thu @ New Trier A 7:00 PM New Trier -
12/08/2017 Fri vs. Evanston H 7:30 PM Spectator Gym -
12/15/2017 Fri vs. Niles West H 7:30 PM Spectator Gym -
12/16/2017 Sat @ Warrior shootout/Mt. Carmel A 3:00 PM Crete-monee -
12/22/2017 Fri vs. Lake View H 7:30 PM Spectator Gym -
12/27/2017 Wed @ Holiday Classic A TBA Hinsdale Central -
12/28/2017 Thu @ Holiday Classic A TBA Hinsdale Central -
12/29/2017 Fri @ Holiday Classic A TBA Hinsdale Central -
12/30/2017 Sat @ Holiday Classic A TBA Hinsdale Central -
01/06/2018 Sat @ MInooka -MLK Tournament A 6:00 PM Minooka -
01/09/2018 Tue @ Glenbrook South A 7:00 PM Glenbrook South -
01/12/2018 Fri @ Niles North A 7:30 PM Niles North -
01/13/2018 Sat @ MLK Tournament/Dunlap A 12:15 PM Galesburg -
01/13/2018 Sat @ MLK tournament/Galesburg A 8:00 PM Galesburg -
01/15/2018 Mon @ MLK Tournament/Rockford East A 9:00 AM Galesburg -
01/15/2018 Mon @ MLK Tournament/Peoria A 4:00 PM Galesburg -
01/19/2018 Fri vs. New Trier H 7:30 PM Spectator Gym -
01/20/2018 Sat vs. Taft H 6:00 PM Spectator Gym -
01/26/2018 Fri @ Evanston A 7:00 PM Evanston -
01/30/2018 Tue vs. Ridgewood H 7:30 PM Spectator Gym -
02/02/2018 Fri @ Niles West A 7:00 PM Niles West -
02/03/2018 Sat @ Palatine A 6:00 PM Palatine -
02/09/2018 Fri vs. Glenbrook South H 7:30 PM Spectator Gym -
02/16/2018 Fri vs. Niles North H 7:30 PM Spectator Gym -
02/20/2018 Tue @ Highland Park A 6:30 PM Highland Park -
02/26/2018* Mon vs. IHSA Regional H TBA Spectator Gym -
02/27/2018* Tue vs. IHSA Regional H TBA Spectator Gym -
03/06/2018* Tue @ IHSA Sectional A TBA TBA -
03/07/2018* Wed @ IHSA Sectional A TBA TBA -
03/09/2018* Fri @ IHSA Sectional A TBA TBA -
03/13/2018* Tue @ IHSA Super-Sectional TBA TBA TBA -
03/16/2018* Fri @ IHSA State A TBA IHSA State -
03/17/2018* Sat @ IHSA State A TBA IHSA State -