Redhawks Update

Event Details

  • January 13th, 2018

  • TBA


  • Varsity

  • Boy

  • Game

  • Away

  • Regional

  • Regional

  • 07:15 AM

  • Bus #122

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Game Summary


898-855-800-781-850-806-4990 - 8th place



Redhawks have good showing, Knusel advances

The Redhawks Boys Inaugural Team season ended on Saturday with an 8th place showing at the 11 team Lake Park Regional. The team did have one bright spot in junior Zak Knusel whose 1224 6-game series was 13th overall, but 4th amongst bowlers not on an advancing team, and qualified him for Sectionals next week at Habetler Bowl in Chicago. Congratulations to Zak.

The first regional team consistsed of Knusel, Lorenzo Barbin, Patrick Koh, Jake Kincaide, Mitch Johnson and Matt McCormack.

Barbin (1000) and Koh (1039) both had personal best 6 game series on Saturday!