Online Registration Is Now Open For 2018 Fall Sports

Normal West students who wish to participate in athletics will be required to register online for their sports beginning this fall for the 2018-19 school year.  Athletes and parents will register through a link on the athletic website which is listed below.  Parent permission forms, concussion forms, and other legal documents will be completed online.  A current physical will still need to be submitted in the main office or athletic office prior to the first sport practice/tryout date.  If you submit the physical to the main office, remember to let the person know that the physical is for athletics.  Gold slips will no longer be issued.  Each coach will get a list of athletes who have cleared for their sport.  Contact Stan Lewis at or 309-557-4976 with any questions.  

To register your athlete online, go to the Registration tab on the Normal West athletic page, or click on the following link to begin the online athletic registration process: 

Here is a link for instructions for online athletic registration:


8/11/2018 2:59 PM

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