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6/1/2018 9:44 PM



Saturday, August 4, 2018


** Must be checked in by 11:45am**

Oswego East High School


Physicals are available for walk-in appointments only for incoming 7th, 8th, 10th, 11th and 12th grades. 

Sorry, it does not cover the required 9th grade physical!

Cost is $30 cash or check made out to OEHS.  All proceeds go back to OEHS Sports Medicine!

**A Parent/Guardian signature is required to complete the physical.  You can send your athlete with a signed physical form available on www.ihsa.org if you prefer!

**Please make sure that you bring glasses or contacts if the athlete wears them!

Physicals will be provided by

OEHS Team Physician Dr. Paras of Castle Orthopedics and

ATI Physical Therapy

Physicals will be located in the Athletic Wing of OEHS.  Enter through door 41

8/5/2018 8:11 PM

News and Announcements

OEHS Sports Booster Meeting Minutes

December 5, 2016 meeting minutes



Bobby Kaminski, Scott Kelsch, Christy Martinez, Brian Ollech, Heather Horne, Sandy Sass, Sandi Demma, Karl Sass, Alexa Backus, Betty Augustine, Rod Thomas, Kelly Flugstad,


Call to Order:

Meeting was called to order by Scott at 7:14 pm in the OEHS Library

Meeting minutes from November 7,2016 were read… approved by Heather as the 1st and Christy as the 2nd


Treasurer’s Report: Brian Ollech emailed copy to all board members  

  • Maccianos for ribbon cutting paid $165. Still waiting on reimbursement for flowers (Homecoming), should be about $300…Heather will follow-up.


Athletic Director: AD Report/Wish List presented by Bobby Kaminski. Copy has been attached and was presented to attendees

  • Principal Savage already has invoice for Coming Home Video for $3200.00…Scott will email Principal Savage and state Boosters will support and fund some of the money, but not the entire amount.
  • Need to set a guideline for giving teams money from general fund (getting a priority list)
  • Prior to approval from Boosters for wish list, we need to know who and how much has each team volunteered
  • Heather suggested for teams to host a fundraiser when they have big ticket items they need on the wish list
  • Team Liaison’s need to get more involved/possibly attend booster’s meetings each month/understanding share process
  • Discussion on invoices already received for Girls basketball warm-ups $1517.05 (they have depleted their shares) ... Vote next month…Need to check invoices for this year against last year shares…over share balance…
  • Funding request for potentially 3 Athletes that can’t pay for registration fees, $75 per athlete (Total $225). Approved by Heather 1st, Brian 2nd and Christy 3rd
  • Funding request for up to $4000 for Soccer Goals (First deplete share amount). Approved by Heather 1st, Brian 2nd and Christy 3rd

Committee Reports


  • Laura not in attendance. Scott stated 1 more member signed up. Total members 198.


  • Alexa from Huntington offering OEHS 50% proceeds back to Sports Boosters to get students to sign up to take practice ACT/SAT tests. Several options: Option 1 (SAT practice test $50), Option 2 (ACT practice test $50), Option 3 (SAT/ACT practice tests $75) …will have fundraiser entire month of January for OEHS. Scott requested he preferred not to have OHS on our flyer. Boosters will send out blast as well through all communications available.
  • December 12, Portillo’s Night 5pm-8pm…20% back on proceeds. Heather requests 10% back to cheer for decorating. Board approved.
  • Top Golf for cheer moved to January 22.
  • Another possible fundraiser for December…Rebecca Ryan with LuLaRoe (unique patterned leggings) will give 10% proceeds back. Boosters have no investment and still get proceeds in return.


  •  Karl no new updates


  • Couple big events are coming up (Cheer, Basketball, and Wrestling) …need lots of volunteers
  • December 18 Cheer Competition (roughly 41 schools) ...Cheer will do concessions…Sandy will hold meeting on Thursday with Heather and Coach Scholle
  • Still selling Pepsi products…Email needs to be sent to rep for Coke… still need product list/prices…Coke signs need to be put up somewhere, but is not a requirement to use their signs.
  • Still lack of communication with teams and volunteering (Needs to be improved) …Bobby stated we need to maybe reach out to other schools to see what their process is. Coaches and teams need to know the importance of shares. New motive for next year Bobby suggested possibly dividing up the dates for events and assigning teams to volunteer…if they choose not to volunteer the event, it will go to the next team to earn the share money.


  • Sandi presented Scott with the inventory report
  • Still has about 100 playoff hoodies left over…Sandi suggests for Sebrenna to sell during awards night.


  • Sebrenna not in attendance/no report


  • John not in attendance/no report

Old Business:

  • Oswego Chamber ribbon cutting went well.

New Business:

  • Awards for Volunteer of the month were presented to Rod Thomas, Kelly Flugstad and Betty Augustine

Move to adjourn:

1st Scott 2nd Bobby