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10/31/2018 2:35 PM




Oswego East High School
Administration & Athletic Staff



Superintendent Dr. John Sparlin
Principal Laura Bankowski
Athletic Director
Assistant Athletic Director
Robert Kaminski
Jeremy Hillman
Athletic Secretary Enes Hettinger
Athletic Trainers



 Shay Brown


Varsity Cheerleading Coach
JV Cheerleading Coach

Tiffany Scholle
Sharon Snyder

Varisty Dance Coach
JV Dance Coach

Alexandra Raber
Michele King

Fall Sports Coaching Staff



Cross Country - Boys

Jim Milner
Derrick Padovich

Kenny Outlaw

Eliza McNamara

Cross Country - Girls

 Lisa Cook
Steve Ideran

Varsity Football
Sophomore Football
Freshmen Football

Tyson LeBlanc
Connor Downs
Mark Green

Varsity Golf - Boys
 JV Golf - Boys

Varsity Golf - Girls

JV Golf - Girls

 Jim Vera

Matt Engelhardt

Brian Chandler

Steve Tubman

Soccer - Boys Varsity       
Soccer - Boys JV
Soccer - Boys Freshmen

Steve Szymanski

Sean Kelleher
Juan Leal

Swimming and Diving - Girls

 Deryl Leubner

Tennis - Girls Varsity
Tennis - Girls JV

Pete Conrad
Tim Ochoa

Volleyball - Girls Varsity
Volleyball - Girls Sophomore
Volleyball - Girls Freshmen

 Adam Thurlwell 
AnneMarie Calpin
Jackie Charlett

Winter Sports Coaching Staff



Basketball - Boys Varsity
Basketball - Boys Sophomore
Basketball - Boys Freshmen

Ryan Velasquez
Robert Pfaff
Brian Schaeffer

Basketball - Girls Varsity
Basketball - Girls Sophomore
Basketball - Girls Freshmen
Abe Carretto
Sarah Davies
Jackie Charlett
Bowling - Boys Frank Johnsen
Bowling - Girls Jeremy Hillman
Gymnastics - Girls Bailey DiGrazia
Swimming and Diving - Boys Deryl Leubner
V Wrestling
JV Wrestling
F/S Wrestling
Paul Coy


Spring Sport Coaching Staff



Badminton - Girls

Marko Jurkovic

Jill Albright

Shannon Day


Baseball - Varsity  
Baseball - Sophomore
Baseball - Freshmen
Matt Engelhardt
Mike Heath
Brian Schaeffer
Soccer - Girls Varsity
Soccer - JV1
Soccer - JV2

Juan Leal
Patrick Molinari
Aly Lansky

Softball - Varsity
Softball - JV
Softball - Freshmen

Mark Green
Brian Chandler
Dan Clausen

 Tennis - Boys

Scott Gengler
Kristin Rude

Track and Field - Boys

 Jim Milner

Track and Field - Girls

 Erik Aister

Volleyball - Boys Varsity
Volleyball - Boys JV
Volleyball - Boys Freshmen

Bass Fishing


Brian Zerfas
Dru Filkins
Megan Moore

Andy Brogan