All athletes trying out for a Spring Sport must be registered, see registration tab above, and have a current physical on file for tryouts.

Freshman Baseball - Feb. 26th-28th  5am in fieldhouse

Sophomore Baseball - Feb. 26th-28th 5am in fieldhouse

Varsity Baseball - Feb. 26th-28th 6pm in Gym

Badminton All Levels -  Feb 26th-28th 2:30-4:15 in field house

Soccer - All Levels - Feb. 26th-28th 2:30- 5pm (at stadium weather permitting mid 40's) in gym otherwise

Softball - All Levels - Feb. 26th-28th 4:15 -6pm in fieldhouse

Boys LaCrosse - Feb. 26th practices start - 5pm in stadium weather permitting or 7:30-9:30 indoors -PNHS

Girls LaCrosse - practices start at Plfd South

Boys Tennis - March 5th practices start after school at 5 Star

Boys Volleyball - March 5th-7th 6-9pm in gym


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There are no FALL PLAY (N) games from 24 Sat, February 2018.

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