2018 North Star Summer Camp

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6/9/2018 11:30 PM

News and Announcements

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Photo Gallery

  • Congratulations to North Star QB Mike Hohensee on being named the Week 4 MVP by the Daily Herald newspaper.
  • 2017 Sophomore Football Team
  • Sophomore Football Asst. Coach Jared McCall
  • Sophomore Asst. Football Coach Pat Shannon
  • Head Sophomore Football Coach Eric Bostrand
  • 2017 Freshman Football Team
  • Freshman Football Asst. Coach Joe Wiltrout
  • Freshman Football Head Coach Ed Stahl
  • Freshman Football Asst. Coach Chip McPheeters
  • Varsity Football Asst Coach Brian Flynn
  • Varsity Football Asst. Coach Tom Poulin
  • Varsity Football Asst. Coach Jeff Petersen
  • Varsity Football Head Coach Rob Pomazak
  • Varsity Football Asst. Coach Rick Magsamen
  • Varsity Football Asst. Coach Joe Nemetz
  • Asst. HC Varsity Football Dan Meyo
  • 2017 Varsity Football Team