North Star Football makes history and advances to State Semifinal Game

Congratulations to the North Star football team on beating Wheaton Warrenville South 21-10 and becoming the first high school football team from the city of St. Charles (old STC, East or North) to make it to the Semifinals of the IHSA State Football playoffs.  They will take on Mt. Carmel at 1:00 pm on Saturday at North.  Come out and support the North Stars!

11/17/2018 1:00 PM

Expiring Physical Notification

Parents will continue to receive notifications of EXPIRING PHYSICAL EXAMS until they register their student athlete for their sport.  Physical expiration dates are updated once the student has registered for the upcoming sport season of their choice in the current school year.

5/31/2019 6:48 PM


St. Charles North Athletics


Dr. Jason Pearson

Assistant Superintendent

John Baird


Audra Christenson

Athletic Director

Dan Dolney

Assistant Athletic Director

Fall Season -Kristy Harrier, Brett Wikeriak
Winter Season - Shari Hayes, Kristy Harrier
Spring Season - Jared McCall, Shari Hayes

Athletic Secretary

Debra Brannon

Athletic Trainers

Shannon Moose

Head of Building and Grounds

Andy Schultless

Fall Sports Coaching Staff

Boys Cross Country

Head Coach - Kevin Harrington
Asst. Coach - Mike Backer
Asst. Coach - Dan Duncan

Girls Cross Country

Head Coach - Shari Hayes
Asst. Coach - Anne McPeak

Boys Golf

Head Coach - Justin Moriarty
Asst. Coach - Dave Moe

Girls Golf

Head Coach - Irish Whalen
Asst. Coach - Steve Dodd

Boys Soccer

Head Coach -Eric Willson  
Asst. Coach - Brian Harks
Asst. Coach - Anne Poulin
Asst. Coach - Andreas Damianides
Asst. Coach - Chuck Riley


Head Coach - Robert Pomazak
Asst. Head Coach - Dan Meyo
Off. Coordinator- Brian Flynn
Def. Coordinator - Rick Magnason
Special Teams Coordinator- 

Soph Head Coach - 
  Soph Asst. Coach - 
Soph Asst. Coach - 
Asst. Coach - Pat Shannon

Head Freshmen Coach - Eddie Stahl
Asst. Coach – Chip McPheeters
                  Asst. Coach -              



Head Coach - Tricia Peabody 
Asst. Coach - 



Head Coach - Andrea Leith

Asst. Coach -


Girls Tennis

Head Coach -Sean Masoncup
Asst.Coach - Michael Smith

Girls Swimming & Diving


Head Coach - Robert Rooney

Asst. Coach - Matt Munz

Asst. Coach - Nichol Chopko

Asst. Coach - Kate Orals


Girls Volleyball

Head Coach  - Lindsey Hawkins

Asst. Coach -

Head JV Coach - Todd Weimer

Head Soph. Coach - Steve Macaitis

Freshmen Coach - Michelle Cook

Freshmen Coach - Zack Cook


Winter Sports Coaching Staff

Boys Basketball



Head  Coach - Tom Poulin

Asst. Coach - Justin Moriarty

Asst. Coach - Joe Swiderski


Head Soph. Coach -  Joren Wilson


Freshmen Coach - Ryan Cordon

Freshmen Coach - David Brown


Girls Basketball

Head Coach - Mike Tomczak
Varsity Asst. Coach - Grant Oler
Varsity Asst. Coach -Jeff Rodewald
Soph. Head Coach - Alex Messacar
Freshmen Coach - Sydney Russell
Freshmen Coach -Dan Kuchta



Head Coach - Mark Zenner

Asst. Coach - Mike Graham

Asst. Coach - Ben Jeffrey


Boys Bowling

Head Coach - Michelle Cook

Girls Bowling

Head Coach - Lindsey Madej

Spring Sports Coaching Staff

Boys Baseball

Head Coach - Todd Genke

Asst. Coach - Terry Ayers

Asst. Coach - Brett Wikierak

Asst. Coach - Sean Doherty


Head Soph. Coach- Justin Moriarty      

Asst. Coach - Steve Haftl


Freshmen Coach - Mike Vavrek             

Freshmen Coach - Stephen Mogni


Boys Track & Field


Head Coach - Kevin Harrington

Asst. Coach - Dan Duncan

Asst. Coach - Ken Kemany                  

Asst. Coach - Sam Breban

Asst. Coach - Dan Meyo


Girls Track & Field


Head Coach - Kate Mehalic

Asst. Coach - Natalie Prescott

Asst. Coach - Steve Dodd


Girls Softball


Head  Coach - Tom Poulin

Asst. Coach - This Denison

Head JV 1 Coach - Jeff Peterson

Asst. JV 1 Coach - Colleen Backer

JV 2 Coach -


Girls Soccer


Head Coach - Brian Harks

Asst. Coach - Eric Willson

JV Coach - Lisa Manski

JV Coach - Andreas Damianides

Freshmen Coach - L.J. Vartanian


Boys Tennis


Head Coach - Sean Masoncup

Asst. Coach - Hal Masoncup

Asst. Coach - Michael Smith


Boys Water Polo

Head Coach - Chris Cloy
Asst. Coach - Tom Wolff

Girls Water Polo

Head Coach - George Mitchell
Asst. Coach - Kelly Perry

Boys Lacrosse

Head Coach -