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Photo Gallery

  • 2018 Poms Head Coach
Devon Gugerty
  • 2018 Poms
Front Row (L-R): Nicole DeJonge, Gracie Trader, Marisa Salmon
Second Row (L-R): Ronnie Clark, Brianna Love, Makayle Bauser
Third Row (L-R): Diana Dillon, Ohnaka Garcia, Josie Cady, Danielle Carroll
Fourth Row (L-R): Kaydence Larson & Sydnee Thueson
  • 2017-18 Basketball Poms Competition Team
Shelly, Saathoff, Diana Dillon, Nicole Dejonge, Jazlynn Moreno, Sonrisa Mia Coronado, Briana Love, Sarah Hafner
  • 2017-18 Basketball Poms Team
1st Row (L-R): Sonrisa Coronado, Gracie Trader, Nicole DeJonge,Briana love, Jazlynn Moreno
2nd Row (L-R): Victoria Stutzke, Sara Hafner, Shelly Saathoff, Danielle Carroll, Diana Dillon, Isabell Maloney, Ohnaka Garcia,
  • 2017-18 Coach:
Devon Gugerty