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May Scholastic Achievement Honorees Named

Your Sterling High School scholastic achievement honorees for the month of May are:

Students of the Month: Jessica Rahn & Ryan Blackburn

Scholar Athletes of the Month: Carly Hansen & Elias Edmondson

Scholar Performer of the Month (representing fine arts and activities): Xena Trujillo

To be eligible for consideration for these awards, students should participate in multiple sports and/or activities and maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0.

These awards are made possible through the support of the SHS Academic and Athletic Booster Clubs and the Sterling Schools Foundation.

Congratulations to the May winners!


Photo Gallery

  • May Scholastic Achievement Honorees (l-r): Elias Edmondson, Carly Hansen (Scholar Athletes of the Month), Xena Trujillo (Scholar Performer of the Month),  Jessica Rahn, Ryan Blackburn 
(Students of the Month)
  • April Scholastic Achievement Honorees (l-r): Andrew Spaulding, Jessica Rahn (Scholar Athletes of the Month), Miranda Williams, Reid Backburn (Students of the Month), not pictured - Brayden
Rodriguez (Scholar Performer of the Month)
  • March Scholastic Achievement Honorees (l-r): Turner Morse, Megan Barnhart (Scholar Athletes of the Month), Andrew Valentino (Scholar Performer of the Month),  Kinsey Zacharski, Drew Siegmund (Students of the Month)
  • February Scholastic Achievement Honorees (l-r): Zach Kirchhoff, Maegan McCue (Scholar Athletes of the Month), Paul Marruffo (Scholar Performer of the Month),  Madison Heffelfinger, Jonathan 
Abele (Students of the Month)
  • January Scholastic Achievement Honorees (l-r): Dimitric Young, Grace Bauer (Scholar Athletes of the Month), Kelly Suarez (Scholar Performer of the Month),  Abigail Gunderson, Trevor King (Students of the Month)
  • December Scholastic Achievement Honorees (l-r): Reid Blackburn, Cheyenne Harrington (Scholar Athletes of the Month), Gabe Zeigler (Scholar Performer of the Month),  Rachel Spencer, Gage Anderson (Students of the Month)
  • November Scholastic Achievement Honorees (l-r): Ryan Blackburn, Miranda Williams (Scholar Athletes of the Month), Abigail Gunderson 
(Scholar Performer of the Month),  Anna Ivarson, Andrew Valentino (Students of the Month)
  • October Scholastic Achievement Honorees (l-r): Tony Diaz, Kallie Zuidema (Students of the Month), Rachel Spencer (ScholarPerformer of the Month), Tobi Garcia, Trevor King (Scholar
Athletes of the Month)
  • September Scholastic Achievement Honorees (l-r): Turner Morse, Megan Barnhart (Students of the Month), Kinsey Zacharski (ScholarPerformer of the Month), Maggie McPherson, Tony Diaz (Scholar Athletes of the Month)