Winter Athlete Registration

ATTENTION! All athletes wanting to participate in a winter sport must register online prior to attending tryouts
First day of practice/tryouts:
October 22, Competitive Cheerleading
October 29, Girls Basketball
November 5, Girls Gymnastics, Wrestling, Boys Basketball,
November 12, Bowling
November 19, Boys Swimming
-Students must bring a current physical less than a year old through the season to the nurse’s office or give to your coach.
-This year the $200 Athletic Fee must be paid through the IPSD Webstore which is located on the Pushcoin website. If you are in a cut sport, you can wait to pay this until you make the team. 


11/26/2018 12:00 PM



School Name Administration and Athletic Staff


Karen Sullivan


Jason Stipp

Athletic Director

Athletic Director- Chris Neibch

Assistant- Bryan Acevedo, Lauren Heinz, & Kevin Chaffee

Aquatics Director Nick Arens

Associate Principal

Charles Bibbs

Assistant Principal

Montrine Johnson

Assistant Principal

Jason Schmidtgall

Athletic Secretary

Pam Dorman

Athletic Trainers

Head Trainer- Sandy Stasaitis

Assistants- Frank Garcia & Stephanie Westbrook

Dance Team

Head Coach- Megan Dougherty

Assistants- Brittany Lindeman & Haley Rolsten


Head coach- Stefanie DePaula

Assistants- Sydnee Polk & Sharonda Brown

Fall Sports Coaching Staff

Boys' Cross Country

Head Coach- Kevin Rafferty

Assistants- Kevin Roth

Boys' Golf

Head Coach- Eric Flodberg

Assistant- Dave Koopmann

Boys' Soccer

Head Coach- Jose Garcia

Assistants- Julie Bergstrom, Sammy Somola, Molly Larson, Francesco Merenda, & Pete Lambert


Head Coach- Paul Murphy

Assistants- Ron Griffin, Chris Genslinger, Brad Caldwell, Tom Baumgartner, Josh Cutone

Head Sophomore- Noel Soto
Assistants- Ryan Voitik & Ken Anderson

Head Freshman- Grant Tillotson
Assistants- Ben Manzella & Duane Butts

Girls' Cross Country

Head Coach- Dave Severance

Assistant- Michelle Kohs

Girls' Golf

Head Coach- John Farnan

Assistnat- Amanda Willis

Girls' Tennis

Head Coach- Phil Galow

Assistants- Mary Gucinski, Reynolds Cross, & Sierra DiMonte

Girls Swimming/Diving

Head Coach- Katie Peterson

Assistants- Kathy Powell, Joe Poletto, & Tabitha Syron

Girls' Volleyball

Head Coach- Kari Galen

Assistants- Samantha Kot, Melissa McKendry, April Boldman, Kimberly Sears, & Arturo De La Cruz

Winter Sports Coaching Staff

Boys' Basketball

Head Coach- Jason Mead

Assistants- Larry Mead, Ethan McCammack, Josh Cutone, Dan Nolan, & Ryne Gill

Girls Gymnastics

Head Coach- Phillip Gilmer

Assistant- Ashley Piton

Girls Bowling

Head Coach- Jennifer Nebor

Assistant- Sammy Somola


Head Coach- Brad Caldwell

Assistants- Ken Anderson, Javier Quintanilla, Eric Tecuanhuehue, & Kevin Roth

                Boys Swimming/Diving

Head Coach- Chris Hagenbaumer

Assistants- Mike McWhirter, Kathy Powell, Alex Rentner, & Joe Poletto

Girls' Basketball

Head Coach- Brett Love

Assistants- Adrienne Ryba, Byron Webb, Kayla Stout

Spring Sports Coaching Staff

Boys' Baseball

Head Coach- Bryan Acevedo

Assistants- Ryne Gill, Will Bausch, Ryan Voitik, Dan Berardi, & Grant Tillotson

Boys' Tennis

Head Coach- Phil Galow
Assistants- Mary Gucinski & Reynolds Cross

Boys' Track & Field

Head Coach- Kevin Rafferty
Assistants- Pat Trofimuk, Mike Schmezle, Roger Einbecker, Riley Miller

Girls' Softball

Head Coach- Valerie Wood
Assistants- Christopher Scott, Brittany Galow, Kimberly Sears, & Isaiah Davis

Girls' Soccer

Head Coach- Julie Bergstrom

Assistants- Pete Lambert, Francesco Merenda, Adrienne Ryba, Molly Larson, & Sammy Somola

Girls' Track & Field

Head Coach- Dave Gowing

Assistants- Amanda Willis, Brent Kiger, Dave Severance, & Byron Webb

               Girls' Water Polo

Head Coach- Joe Poletto

Assistant- Kathy Powell

               Boys' Water Polo

Head Coach- Mike McWhirter


              Boys Volleyball

Head Coach- Noel Soto

Assistants- Nicole Hopkins, Melissa McKendry, Matt Blue, & Kerry Kelley


Head Coach- Sheldon Luo

Assistants- Jennifer Nebor