For those of you who are interested in participating in a Winter Sport, take note that registration is officially open for all Amundsen Students. If you still aren't sure which sport you want to try-out for, you can register for multiple. However, we need you to register as we will soon be moving to a more streamlined process and if you aren't registered, you may miss out on your opportunity to participate. 

Winter Sport Seasons begin November 1st. Please plan accordingly to maximize on your chances on making your respective sports team. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to AD Jackson at 

11/8/2021 1:10 PM


2021-2022 Freshman Roster
Jersey Name Position Height Class
Zoe Brask 5'6" 2025
Shayla Burns 5'6" 2025
Emma Crabbe 5'3" 2025
Lana Felix 5'6" 2025
Emily Fradin 5'4" 2025
Joey Gelfond 4'11" 2025
Isla Hesse 5'5" 2025
Katie Kobak 5'0" 2025
Vy Le 5'3" 2025
Paige Mankowski 5'6" 2025
Linda Nguyen 5'3" 2025
Kylie O'Brien 5'4" 2025
Mikayla Pagan 4'9" 2025
Elizabeth Ries 5'3" 2025
Anaya Rodriguez 5'5" 2025
Helena Shingler 5'7" 2025
Coaching Staff