IHSA Update January 15th


I just wanted to give you a quick update from Governor Pritzker’s press conference today.  As of Friday, January 15th, our region is still in Tier 3, which means we are still in an athletic pause.  However, IDPH and the Governor’s office have allowed regions that move to Tier 2, to start some activities.  We do not know when our region will move to Tier 2, but this a great step forward to starting.  I have attached the press release from the IHSA below.  As soon as we hear of changes to our region, we will update you.   Continue to stay safe Argonauts.  

IHSA Update Friday 1-15

IHSA Information As Regions Shift Back To Tier 2

1/25/2021 10:43 PM

IHSA Update January 14th


As of Thursday January 14th, all IHSA sports are still on a pause.  Given the states current mitigations, the IHSA has not announced a new start date for the remaining seasons.  The IHSA is scheduled to meet on January 27th. The athletic department will continue to update you on the status of athletics.  Continue to stay safe and healthy Argonauts.


Ryan Skendzel

Director of Athletics


1/28/2021 6:11 PM




Superintendent Dr. William Toulios
Principal  Dr. Brandon Cotter
Assistant Principal John Dagres
Athletic Director Ryan Skendzel
Assistant Principal (Activities) Nicole Wasko
Athletics Secretary Paris Townsell
Activities Secretary Lauren DeGrance
Athletic Trainers

Andy Gripp, ATC

Chris Hills, ATC

Phillip Rossberg, ATC




Head Coach: Todd Evans

Sophomore Coach: Jennifer Holmbeck


Head Coach: Russ Nowak

Assistant Varsity Coach: 

Sophomore Coach: Chris Strelow

Freshman Coach: Phil Baricovich

Basketball - Boys

Head Coach: Pat Maietta

Assistant Coach: Marquis Dotson

Sophomore Coach: Jason Reiter

Freshman Coach: Milosh Lukovic

Basketball - Girls

Head Coach: Dan McCarthy

Assistant Varsity Coach: Jackie Finley

Sophomore Coach: Mike Richler

Freshman Coach: Dena Hammad

Bowling - Boys

Head Coach: Scott Lee

Sophomore Coach: Elaine Eliadis

Bowling - Girls

Head Coach: Rob Markatos

Sophomore Coach: 

Competitive Cheerleading

Head Coach: Caryanne Amesquita

JV Coach: Jalena Harting

Cross Country - Boys

Head Coach: Mary Bergman

Assistant Coach: Paul Thompson

Cross Country - Girls

Head Coach: Mary Bergman

Assistant Coach: Paul Thompson


Head Coach: Tim Connelly

Freshman Coach: Keith Miller

Assistant Coach: 

Assistant Coach: Christopher Kelly

Assistant Coach: Jason Korkosz

Assistant Coach: Justin Malec

Assistant Coach: James Pino

Assistant Coach: Phil Rossberg

Golf - Boys

Head Coach: Katelyn Smith

Sophomore Coach: 

Competitive Pom Pons

Head Coach: Dawn Palmer

JV White Coach: Jennifer Holmbeck

JV Maroon Coach: Stephanie Valdez

Soccer - Boys

Head Coach: Carlos Marquez

Assistant Varsity Coach: Robert Markatos

Sophomore Coach: 

Soccer - Girls

Head Coach: Elaine Eliadis

Assistant Varsity Coach: Myra Ortiz

Sophomore Coach: Carlos Marquez


Head Coach: Andy Corbin

Assistant Varsity Coach: Joe Krob

Sophomore Coach: Tony Metoyer

Freshman Coach: Dena Hammad

Swimming & Diving - Boys

Head Coach: Carla Murray

JV Coach: Federico Garcia

Dive Coach: 

Swimming & Diving - Girls

Head Coach: Carla Murray

JV Coach: 

Dive Coach: Lindsae Baldes

Tennis - Boys

Head Coach: Taylor Loux

Sophomore Coach: Al Hasan

Tennis - Girls

Head Coach: Taylor Loux

Sophomore Coach: Todd Evans

Track and Field - Boys

Head Coach: Scott Ball

Assistant Coach: Brian Schutz

Assistant Coach: Jason Korkosz

Assistant Coach: Emily Sawyer

Track and Field - Girls

Head Coach: Eva Manzke

Assistant Coach: Christopher Kelly

Assistant Coach: David Harris


Volleyball - Boys

Head Coach: 

Sophomore Coach: Matt LeVan

Volleyball - Girls

Head Coach: Adam Tinken

Sophomore Coach: 

Freshman Coach: Matt LeVan

Water Polo - Boys

Head Coach: Matt McMurray

Assistant Coach:  George Donovan

Water Polo - Girls

Head Coach: Milosh Lukovic

Assistant Coach:  Matt McMurray


Head Coach: Matthew McMurray

Assistant Varsity Coach: Tom McEntee

JV Coach: Mike Napleton

Freshman Coach: George Donovan



A-Club Tom McEntee
Art Club Richard Sprague
Chess Club Lucian Bogdan
Choir Nicole Durkin
Culinary Club Erica Resedean
Drama Club / Thespians Tom Mamminga
Environmental Club Allison Feeney
Foreign Language Club Milosh Lukovich
Freshman Class Board Robert Powers
GSA Club

Erin Walsh

Eduardo Padilla

Instrumental Music

Head Sponsor: Jeanette Soebbing

Assistant Sponsor: Megan Fitzgerald

International Club Grace Drobny
Junior Class Board

Grace Drobny

Karen Lesnicki


Head Sponsor: Howard Sirota

Assistant Sponsor: James Kantzavelos

National Hispanic Institute (NHI) Antonio Manjarrez
National Honor Society

Head Sponsor: Kyle Stern

Assistant Sponsor: Paul Thompson

Newspaper (Maroon) Nick Berrios

Fall Play: Tom Mamminga

Winter Contest Play: Tom Mamminga

Spring Musical Theater Director: Cara Prochaska

Spring Musical Vocal Director: Nicole Durkin

Spring Musical Instrumental Director: Megan Fitzgerald

Radio (WARG) Carol McGowan
Scholastic Bowl

Head Sponsor: Laura Jervis

Assistant Sponsor: Erin Walsh

Senior Class Board Albert Hasan
Sophomore Class Board Erica Resedean
Special Olympics

Head Sponsor: Gary Feltman

Assistant Sponsor: Nemah Khatib

Speech Team

Head Sponsor: Brett Lettiere

Assistant Sponsor: Matthew Malloy

Assistant Sponsor: Cara Prochaska

Student Council Francine Blake
Winter Guard Angel Grady
Winter Percussion Michael Doody
Yearbook (Argolite)

Head Sponsor: Lindsae Baldes

Assistant Sponsor: Nick Berrios