About Us

"Teaching Minds, Touching Hearts".

At Catalyst Maria High School, these two themes are at the forefront of our school culture, academiccourse work, and athletic programs. We believe that developing scholars who are compassionate, intellectually curious, and agents for positive social change is as important to achieving academic success. Catalyst Maria High School develops leaders for tomorrow's challenges in the sciences, arts, social justice, and community service.


Catalyst Maria High School is rated 1+ by Chicago Public Schools, the highest rating offered by CPS for academic rigor, effective leadership, collaborative teaching environment, engaged family participation, and providing a safe and supportive teaching environment.


Our school culture is rooted in the teachings of John Baptist De LaSalle, a 17th century French educator. It emphsizes the dignity of each person and fosters personal responsibility through hard work, compassion, positive relationships, and sense of justice demonstrated through community service.