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4/30/2020 11:30 PM

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Photo Gallery

  • 2018 Seniors: Back Row; Miguel Madrigal, Zach McCormick, Aidan Doogan, Pat Doyle.
Front Row; Marty Elwood, Terrell Gavin, not pictured, Matt Bila
  • Connor Pula, 1st place Individual 2018 Oak Lawn Invite, 1468 series, high game 297
  • Matt Summer, Freshman, 1st year, F/So starter
  • Adam Gonzalez, Sophomore, 1st year on team, F/So starter
  • Miguel Madrigal, Senior, 2nd year on team
  • Matt Bila, Senior, 3rd year on team
  • Zach McCormick, Senior, 4 year starter
17th pl, 2017 State Championship
2017, South Suburban Bowler of the Year
  • Terrell Gavin, Senior, 2 year starter
  • Thomas Murphy, Junior, 3rd year on team
  • Marty Elwood, Senior, 4 year starter
  • Victor Leal, Sophomore, 2 year starter, F/So
  • Connor Pula, Freshman, Varsity starter
  • Pat Doyle, Senior, 4 year starter
  • Aidan Doogan, Senior, 4 year starter
  • Alex Peralta, Sophomore, 2nd year on team, F/So
  • Tristan Wagner, Freshman, 1st year F/So
  • Zachory Block, Sophomore, 2nd year on team, F/So
  • Riccardo Torres, Freshman, 1st year F/So
  • Connor Pula, 1st place Individual 2018 Oak Lawn Invite, 1468 series, high game 297
  • 2018 Varsity Team, Back Row: Tom Virgin, Assist. Coach, Tom Murphy, Pat Doyle, Aidan Doogan, Terrell Gavin, Ron Pula, Head Coach
Front Row: Connor Pula, Marty Elwood, Miguel Madrigal
Not Pictured: Zach McCormick, Matt Bila
  • 2018 Fresh/Soph Team, Back Row: Tom Virgin - Assist. Coach, Tristan Wagner, Victor Leal, Jaden Gil, Ron Pula - Head Coach
Front Row; Riccardo Torres, Zachory Block, Alex Peralta, Adam Gonzalez
Not Pictured: Matt Summers