EPCHS Camp Entrances

Due to summer construction within EPCHS please use the below entrances/exits:

Weight Room/Fitness Center - Enter/Exit via door N2 located on the northside of the building near 99th street.

Pool and Small Gym - Enter/Exit via door S5 (pool doors) located on the southside of the building.



8/9/2021 5:18 PM

BOYS Swimming

2019-2020 Varsity Roster
Jersey Name Position Height Weight Class
John Bledsoe 2022
Jack Bresnahan 2021
Joseph Donnelly 2020
Nathan Fernandez 2023
Riley Gore 2022
Thomas Gricus 2022
Liam Kantzler 2020
Tyler Kirts 2022
Michael Klier 2021
Dan Mcquillan 2022
Jose Medina-Meza 2022
Joshua Miglieri 2022
Matthew Miglieri 2020
Frank Ostry 2022
Joseph Ostry 2020
Kevin O'Toole 2020
Connor Shomody 2022
Connor Tyrrell 2021
Quinn Tyrrell 2022
Coaching Staff