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The Freeport High School Hall of Fame inducted its first set of recipients on Saturday, September 20, 2014. Freeport High School has long been a center of excellence and the Hall of Fame is a way to promote school pride, spirit and community support through the recognition process. The establishment of the Hall of Fame is to preserve and promote the rich heritage and traditions of Freeport High School and the community which it serves.

Individuals who have distinguished themselves in the areas of community support, athletic/interscholastic endeavors, educator service and alumni accomplishments will be selected. The awards are named after the first year’s recipients: Kathy Helm (community), Preston Pearson (athletic), Bill Chance (educator) and Robert Johnson (alumni). These and future recipients are to serve as a model to the Freeport youth to strive for their own greatness.

Anyone can nominate candidates for the Hall of Fame. The completed nomination form is to be turned into the high school office.

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  • FHN presents $500.00 to athletic department for the community's participation in the Miles & Minutes Program.