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FHS Athletics Participation Requirements

1. Must have a valid physical exam on file.

2. Completed the consent and registration forms.

       - Forms can be printed from the athletic website or picked up in the high school business office.

3. No outstanding fines or obligations from previous activities.

4. Must have passed 5 classes during the previous semester.

5. Attend a code of conduct meeting.

     - Only those students participating in their first high school sport are required to attend.

     - Both the student and parent/guardian must attend this meeting.

     - Code of Conduct Meeting Wednesday, August 12 at 6:00 pm (FHS Cafeteria)



Click on each of the following to obtain hard copies --

Extracurricular Activities Release Agreement & Registration Form

Extracurricular Activities Participation Information & Policies

FHS Extracurricular Activities Policy

IHSA Physical Exam Form





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