GIRLS Badminton

2018-2019 Varsity Roster
Jersey Name Position Height Class
Indra Ayushjav 2020
Ella Carrigan 2020
Allison Daemicke 2021
Kathryn Daemicke 2021
Leah Desserich 2022
Michelle Gong 2021
Dina Graves 2020
Ella Hackett 2020
Hannah Jon 2021
Christina Joseph Captain 2019
Megan Lee 2011
Joshna Matthew 2021
Rhea Shah Captain 2019
Tina Tsai 2021
Coaching Staff
Terri Kimura
Varsity Coach

Terri has been the head coach for several years at GBS . She is a level 2 coach and has previous coaching experience at Niles West High School. She played badminton competitively in high school and college. She has also served on the state advisory board. Her goals include having GBS players enjoy competive badminton and to have a great experience that will last a life time.
Contact: Cell: 847-772-5337