About Us

Guerin College Preparatory High School is a member of the Illinois High School Association (I.H.S.A.) and the Metro Suburban Conference (M.S.C.). The school colors are blue, red and grey. The Guerin Prep Athletic Department sponsors 14 athletic programs, each exceptional in their own way, as the young men (Crusaders) and women (Gators) compete for success as scholar-athletes. Through athletics, our students are motivated to do well academically, while making lifelong friendships, building leadership, team skills and school spirit along the way.


The mission of Guerin College Prep Athletics is to enhance the total student experience by encouraging participation in interscholastic athletics making the high school experience rewarding, while promoting the image of sportsmanship and the benefits of the athletics we offer. These opportunities will develop and provide opportunities for student-athletes and foster life skills that will be valuable to and through their collegiate experience and will be forever instilled in their hearts and memories as future alumni.


Athletics are an integral component of Guerin College Prep’s commitment to the entirety of our students’ development. Guerin College Prep strives to create a definable sports culture by providing tools and training to our student athletes, parents, coaches and administrators. Our goal is to promote our leadership model in Athletics by developing our student athlete’s self-confidence, teamwork, resilience, mental toughness, self-control and respect for others. By impacting our student’s athlete’s character and values on the field of play, Guerin College Prep has a significant opportunity to impact the young men and women who will be our future leaders.


Guerin College Prep celebrates the unique alumni base of their own alums starting with the Class of 2005, combined with the rich traditions of Mother Theodore Guerin High School and Holy Cross High School.


Compared to many of our local rivals, we have a 23-acre campus that features a football and soccer field, baseball field and softball field, two gymnasiums, an 800-square foot wrestling practice room. a state-of-the art strength and conditioning fitness center, and a 200-square foot Athletic Medicine facility run by certified trainers from Athletico. We take pride in this space as our student-athletes really do have home team advantage because they practice and train where they compete, not having to travel to distant locations for home games.


I thank all former Guerin College Prep student-athletes for their commitment, I encourage current Crusaders and Gators to find the compassion and focus to always be the best, and I invite future Crusaders and Gators to find out what Guerin Prep academics and athletics can do for them!


Bob Lim

Athletic Director