Team Stats

2019-2020-    Regionals-


2018-2019-    Regionals- 7th place ( Elli Cabello (Sophmore) and Carrie Minnier (Senior) Advance to Sectionals)

                       Sectionals- Carrie Minnier (senior) Advances to State individually

                       State- Carrie finished- 35th/ over 150 girls

2017-2018-    Regionals-  2nd place

                       Sectionals- 4th Place

                       State- 9th Place

2016-2017-    Regionals- 4th place

Sectionals- 3rd place

State- 12th

2015-2016-    Regionals- 6th

2014-2015-    Regionals-  3rd

            Sectionals- 3rd

            State-  11th

2013-2014-    Regionals- 2nd

Sectionals- 3rd

State- 9th

2012-2013-  Sectionals- 4th

2011-2012- Sectionals- 2nd

         State-  9th

2010-2011 - Sectionals- 5th

2009-2010-     Sectionals- 2nd

  State- 3rd ( Trista Flowers 3rd Individual)

2008-2009-    Sectionals- 1st

 State- 2nd (Krissy Johnson 5th individual and Laura Swenson 14th)

2007-2008     Sectionals- 2nd

State- 10th (Trista Flowers 10th individually)